How I Made Bathing Easier with Wire Baskets!

Well now that I’ve written that title I’m not sure if you’ll think it’s weird … but it’s true. I found a couple wire baskets that make taking a bath in our claw foot tub a bit easier! If you’ve been to my blog before you know we have 2 claw foot tubs in our home. One has a shower surround, the other doesn’t. In the downstairs bathroom, we added a shelf above the tub to help hold things but I don’t like the look of shampoo and soap sitting on that shelf. So when I found a little wire basket to hang on the side of the tub … problem solved!

Wire Basket to Hold Bathing Supplies in a Claw Foot TubSee? Now my shelf can stay pretty while the wire basket holds utilitarian supplies.


Farmhouse Bathroom AccessoriesI had to take it one step further and add a little flower inside the basket … just because.


Campanula in Mercury Glass VaseI placed these pretty purple Campanulas on the shelf above next to my altered bottles.


French Style Farmhouse BathroomMy thrift store angel that got a makeover is still in this bathroom.


Allysum in a White Washed Clay PotAlyssum in a white washed clay pot sits at the other end of the bathroom shelf, along with more vintage bottles and some green books.


French Style Claw Foot TubThis bigger wire basket holds towels and reading material.

No need to plop anything on the floor anymore.


Wire Basket for Bathroom SuppliesI purchased a set of 4 of these pretty wire baskets. The rest I’m using in the kitchen.


French Style Farmhouse BathroomSo quite simply, that’s how I made bathing easier with wire baskets. No longer will shampoo or soap ooze out onto the shelf, and no longer will I need to drape my towel over the side of the cabinet and hope it doesn’t fall, or place reading materials on the floor.

See … it really is the simple things in life that bring great joy!

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  1. How cute is that!!! I grew up in an older home with a claw foot tub and no shower……my mom had a similar basket but smaller hanging on the side…..she also had a wire soap dish that hung over the side. Every now and then I see one of those at an estate or tag sale, all rusty!!!

  2. Who wouldn’t want to take a long bubble bath surrounded by such prettiness, so beautifully done! I too grew up with claw foot tub without a shower. In fact the very first shower I ever had was in high school after gym class. Oh yes, those were the days my friend…

  3. I love the look of those wire baskets in your farmhouse bathroom, Jennifer! I’ve never seen a long tub basket like that! So cool! 🙂 And those flowers just make it all look like…..well…like you could spend all day soaking in that tub! lol

    oxo laurie

  4. Like some of your other commentors I remember those wire baskets for over the tub for soap mostly and a washcloth. I love wire baskets as they’re so versatile and look old fashioned. My Grandparents in PA had a big old tub like yours, loved when we went there so I could have bath. I can remember my Grandmother hollering at me about wasting water if I turned it on to warm water up. Think they must have been on a well as this was in late 40’s and we left Cleveland when I was 10 in 1950. Their street was dirt still. I’ll have to check out Antique Farmhouse again. A few bits over my price range but never know. Love your bathroom. I seem to more influenced by farmhouse looks the older I get, guess that tells me something huh? What tho? lol Happy weekend