Scaled-Back Decorating and Vignettes: After the Holidays

The abundance of holiday garlands and ornaments unfailingly leads to a desire to scale back once the festivities are over. At least, that’s how I always seem to feel. Holiday decorations come down soon after Christmas at our house. Their presence reminds me of the work that’s needed to put everything away and I don’t want that hanging over my head for too long. So Christmas is now packed away and I’m enjoying my scaled-back decorating and vignettes. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Dark gray living room with sectional sofa and large architectural print of Paris train station


First, I have to say that I was able to pack up ornaments and garlands much faster this year since I simplified my holiday decorating and didn’t put out nearly as much stuff as I have in years past. That’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! Christmas was a lot less stressful because of it.

And now, I’m relishing a cleaner, less cluttered look to take my house through winter. I keep several pillows on the sectional sofa because pillows are an adult’s version of stuffed animals and everyone needs warm fuzzies through the winter. The hanging pothos got a haircut because it was too long for anyone to sit in the corner without getting eaten by it.

Dark gray living room with sectional sofa and large architectural print of Paris train station


The plants always need a bit of nurturing through winter. I don’t fertilize them during this time but I do move them to a sunnier location if they need it. Luckily, most of my houseplants have low-light requirements. I use them a lot when creating vignettes. Vignettes are perhaps the easiest way to personalize your home. I typically group vignettes in threes, but not always. Honestly, I just go with what my eye likes best.

Winter Decorating in the Dining Room


One thing I did was to remove the vintage green glass jars from the kitchen into other areas of the house. I bought them to match the color of my kitchen floor but I like seeing the French glass jars in other areas. This olive oil jar is one of my favorites. I wish it was bigger.

French olive oil jar on a dining buffet


French olive oil jar on a dining buffet


On the buffet’s opposite end is a favorite vintage mirror, brass vase, and wooden heart bowl.

Brass vase, vintage mirror, and wooden heart bowl


My other dining buffet – well really it’s a console table, has a vintage French pickling jar. I filled it with gold ornaments for Christmas. The stone rabbit reminds me that spring is on its way.

Winter decorating - vignettes on a console table


Simplicity rules in the entryway, as well. The glass cabinet and wooden bench have been put back in their places.

Scaled-back winter decorating in a farmhouse entryway


Another vintage mirror joins a couple of old books and a white ceramic house that lights up. It’s kind of a Christmas decoration but I like to keep it out during winter, too.

White ceramic house with a vintage mirror and books


I always have old books out somewhere. They’re perfect for adding height to objects and I love their colors, too.

White ceramic house with a vintage mirror and books


Scaled-back winter decorating in a farmhouse entryway


The sitting room is probably the least uncluttered room in the house. My poinsettias are still looking good and I can’t bear to toss a healthy plant out so they’re staying put for the time-being.

Small sitting room decorated for winter with burgundy poinsettias


I paired a few French canning jars with the smaller poinsettia on a worn-looking metal tray. I love the details of the glass jars and especially love the deeper shade of green.

Green French canning jars on metal tray


I decided to keep the green theme going and added the rest of my green jars to the mantel, along with a couple more houseplants.

French canning jars on a black mantel with houseplants


French canning jars on a black mantel with houseplants


The other corner of the sitting room enjoys yet another plant on the old cabinet under the cow painting.

Winter decor in an old farmhouse sitting room


I tucked three candles in an old wooden box that I found at last summer’s flea market. All of that sits inside a wooden bowl. I’m trying to add a bit more natural wood in the house.

Winter decor in an old farmhouse sitting room

That’s the extent of my scaled-back winter decorating for now. I need to purge other rooms of stuff and do some rearranging first.


Shop the Look

Here’s a collection of some of what’s in my home. Click on any photo for the source on where to buy it. People sometimes ask where I found something so I occasionally like to include the sources to make it easier for readers.



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  1. Love your homes look after Christmas. I have been trying to be organized when putting things away and have to agree that keeping my decorations simpler this year has made it much easier. Still trying to get my mantle right. I think a live plant or maybe some white branches may be what it needs. Fun to try different looks till I get it right.

  2. Hello
    I also like your simplified look. Very crisp and country! I wanted to ask what you did with your pothos trimmings? I have MANY plants and just thought I would mention pothos root easily in soil . I like to make each cutting one or two leaves and pass along to friends or sell on marketplace. It’s been fun to propagate my house plants. I even have people that know me for my plants that I sell on marketplace. It’s been fun meeting new people who share my passion.
    Always enjoying your posts
    ❤️ Angie

  3. Looking nice and spacious. Next year I will follow your lead. I did less, but still too much and now most of it is sitting in the lower level family room where I need to put it away but can avoid it for awhile. The trees are still up. I love the lights when it is dark early in the mornings. That, and putting away ornaments is the thing I dislike the most. Maybe just lights next year. A few rabbits are sneaking in around here too.

  4. Simplified and still cozy, the perfect balance. With the weather cold and snow on the ground, it takes a certain decorating touch to make a room warm and cozy rather cold. The plants added also give the hope of Spring in a few months. Beautifully done!

  5. I LOVE vignettes and was so excited when I saw that title in my e-mail this morning! Your glass jars are stunning and look beautiful with the vintage books. Everything is simple and gorgeous, perfect for winter. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like that you left the white colored house out and the poinsettias. The green plants look better with a pop of color nearby. You’ve achieved serenity!

  7. It all looks so pretty and I am still working at scaling back all my stuff. I love your home, have a great week.

  8. Your scaled-back decorating ideas are perfect after removing all the Christmas decor. I want everything dusted, cleaned, and organized for the new year.
    Happy New Year,