Landscape Painting Wall Art: 14 Ideas

You may have noticed a trend in wall art for the home these days. There’s a growing popularity in landscapes, as noted when you scroll through Instagram. I too, love a pretty scene of a landscape, whether it’s a country field and barn, or a wooded setting with water. Here’s 14 inspirational rooms that have used a landscape painting to decorate the room.

A warm living room uses a peaceful scene atop the fireplace mantel.

Landscape Painting in Living RoomPhoto by Carolina Design Associates, LLC


Note how the red of the tree in the oil painting in the room beyond matches the red of the fireplace brick. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it’s a great way to tie the two rooms together. Not to mention, both fireplace mantels are gorgeous.

Landscape Paintings in Warm Tones Used as Home DecorPhoto by Connor Homes


The large canvas landscape painting mimics the colors in this beautiful dining room, pulling the room together.

Landscape Painting on Tapestry in Rustic Dining RoomPhoto by Wendi Young Design


Here’s my favorite living room from a home tour I featured a while back. This room became the inspiration for changing things up in my own home recently. Like other homes, it features a pretty landscape painting above the fireplace, adding a touch of color to the neutral decor.

My Favorite Country Style Living Room in Neutral TonesPhoto by Bret Franks Construction, Inc.


Would you ever think to put a landscape painting in your kitchen? This one breaks up the expanse of wall at the end of the galley.

Transitional Kitchen with Large Landscape Oil PaintingPhoto by Angela Free Design


There’s so much I love about this cozy corner – the vintage wicker chaise, dark linen drapes, the weather vane lamp, the bead board ceiling, and of course the pretty artwork.

Cozy Corner with Wicker Chaise and Landscape PaintingsPhoto by Westbrook Interiors


An amazing, rustic living room enjoys a pastoral scene placed above the mantel.

Rustic Living Room in Neutral Tones with Vaulted CeilingPhoto by Westbrook Interiors


Why stop at one landscape painting on the wall? Here a trio of pictures share wall space with a blue flow China platter.

Collection of Landscape Paintings in HallwayPhoto by Anna Braund


Rustic wood frames a pair of matching landscape oil paintings in soft tones.

Pair of Oil Landscape Paintings on Rustic Fireplace MantelPhoto by Jill Cox Interiors


An abstract landscape canvas beautifies a pretty bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom with Landscape Oil PaintingPhoto by Terracotta Design Build


And another bathroom has a small landscape painting.

White Farmhouse Bathroom with Landscape Painting for Wall DecorPhoto by Jetton Construction, Inc.


Bedrooms make a great location for landscape artwork. Place a light above it for added dimension in the evening.

Country Style Bedroom with Floral BeddingPhoto by Todd Richesin Interiors


A muted landscape painting adds color to an almost all-white bedroom. The effect is serene and peaceful.

Farmhouse Bedroom in Soft NeutralsPhoto by Anna Braund


And if you just can’t get enough of landscapes in your home, why not have a mural painted on the walls? So gorgeous and what a classic and timeless look. I’d love to have this dining room in my home.

Traditional Dining Room with Landscape Wall MuralPhoto by Sroka Design, Inc.


Do you have any landscape artwork in your home?

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  1. Love the scenes. No, I do not have one but enjoy seeing them!

    Do you know Miss Mustard Seed blog? You have to sign up for her blog.
    She has recently hand painted a mural of such on her dinning room wall.
    I couldn’t find it to share but you will find it on her blog.
    Following is her site to recently painted furniture. She is continuing learn the art of painting.
    Marian is quite talented and blogs everyday! She is currently in Paris on vacation.
    Please sign up. See below:

  2. While I’m not big on landscapes, I do love seascapes, especially harbor scenes with well-worn rowboats tied to piers. Pretty specific, I know. Also, I know I’m in the minority when I say I like galley kitchens with nooks at the end for dining, rather than eat-in kitchens. I’ve always felt that many designers fail to utilize the blank wall at the end of a galley, so the one you’re featured in your post is amazing and I love it – with the calm cool colors and the serene landscape. Just beautiful.

  3. I was fortunate to receive two paintings as gifts from my husbands aunt in Taos – she used to sell her art in a gallery there and her work is lovely. One is in the living room and one in the dining room – both really help make the room – beautiful colors, the serene subjects and even the beautiful frames all draw the eye. Most of my decor is very simple, so I like the added appeal that an actual, real painting done well brings to the space.

  4. Yes, I have always been drawn to landscapes. They can be traditional or modern, I love any kind. What I really like is when I go thrifting I find some very nice paintings. I have them all over the house!

  5. I enjoyed seeing these. I have a large framed print of a painting of a woman sitting in a Paris cafe by the Japanese painter Tsuguharu Foujita on the wall of my kitchen. I bought the painting in a thrift store and love its primarily black, brown and white colors.

  6. These are beautiful ideas. This post has given me something to think about, since I don’t have landscape decor in our home. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for such an interesting post. I am so happy to see landscapes making such a comeback. So refreshing.

  8. Yes, I have. In all Rooms! I find them on the street, at the flea market, they are homemade or souvenirs from friends. When I was an apprentice, I bought my first real painting from my instructor for an unbelievable 100 marks in the GDR. An expressionist Baltic Sea landscape. I have no room for more. I can only exchange.