How to Make Decoupage Wood Slice Art

We’ve had a mild winter week here in Illinois. Mid 30-degree temps and little wind. The other day when I went out for a run, I actually heard birds chirping and a little bunny rabbit ran across my path. It put me in the mood for spring even though I know that’s at least 2 months away. To keep the spring feeling going, I created simple decoupage wood slice art with nature prints.

DIY Wood Slice Art with Botanic PrintI love any project that brings nature inside.

Whether it’s artwork, a craft project, or even a new plant or bouquet of flowers.


Wood Slice Artwork on Kitchen CupboardI made 3 of these decoupage wood slice art pieces to hang on my kitchen cupboard.

They’re super easy to make and doesn’t take long at all.


Wood slices for DIY wall artStart with plain wood slices, which you can get at the craft store.


DIY Decoupage Wood Slice ArtworkCreate the first layer of decoupage … I used sheet music. Place the sheet on top of the wood slice and make creases on the paper at the edges of the wood. This is your guide to size the sheet music to the wood slice.


Sizing sheet music before decoupaging to wood sliceTo create jagged edges, carefully tear the sheet music to size with your fingers.

It doesn’t need to be perfect so don’t get too picky.


DIY Decoupage Wood Slice ArtI decided to make the sheet music smaller than the wood slice so more of the wood would show, like a frame. Spread Mod Podge on the back of the sheet music with a small brush or foam brush. Attach the sheet to the wood slice, smoothing out bubbles. You can use your fingers or smooth the paper down with the flat edge of a credit card.


Wood slice decoupage art workNext, add your art print. I chose nature prints to decoupage atop the sheet music.

I left a white border around the nature prints so they’d stand out better against the sheet music.

After gluing it in place, smooth out bubbles with your fingers or the edge of a credit card.


Bird Print on Wood SliceOnce the Mod Podge dries, drill a hole near the top of the wood slice, and tie a piece of twine through it.


DIY Decoupage Wood Slice ArtI angled my prints slightly since I didn’t want them to appear too symmetrical.

I decided not to add a coat of Mod Podge over the print because I wanted them to have a matte finish.


DIY decoupage wood slice artworkI hung the DIY decoupage wood slice art on the built-in kitchen cupboard.


DIY Decoupage Wood Slice Art WorkI love the way my DIY decoupage wood slice art work turned out.

It adds just the right touch of nature to get through the winter months.


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  1. I absolutely love these refined sheets of music and beautiful bird prints juxtaposed with your rough rustic wood slices. It’s such an unexpected combination and charming effect.