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The last time I was in California, I went for a walk on the Pacific Crest Trail in the San Bernardino mountains in California. While hiking I mentioned to my friend that I didn’t think I could live in a mountain top home. I like my footing on level ground; I guess I’m a flatlander. The view from a home on the mountain is amazing though. Much like the view from inside today’s mountain top home tour.

One of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard, is responsible for the beauty of this home’s interior spaces.

Living Room in Mountain Top HomePhoto by Phoebe Howard

Muted browns and traditional décor create a warm and inviting home. A pretty home that doesn’t feel too formal.

Traditional living room in browns and creams

Classic pendant lighting adorns the traditional kitchen with a textured stone back splash, a copper sink, and an ample kitchen island. This past Friday I was in a home with an amazing kitchen complete with copper sink. If we ever get around to re-doing our kitchen … I want a copper sink!

Mountain Top Home Kitchen by Phoebe Howard

A wooden chandelier creates a rustic vibe in the beamed dining room with French doors and plenty of natural sunlight. I always love a house with lots of windows and this mountain top home in Raleigh doesn’t disappoint.

Dining Room by Phoebe HowardPhoto by Phoebe Howard

Ohhh, that staircase! I have a thing for staircases and this one has captured my heart. The gallery walls are simple yet charming and the rustic pendant light tops it all off! So beautiful with its enchanting little windows.

Farmhouse Style Staircase by Phoebe HowardPhoto by Phoebe Howard

A gallery plate wall greets you as you ascend the stairs.

Traditional Hall by Phoebe HowardPhoto by Phoebe Howard

Pale green and white cozy up an under-the-eaves bedroom.

Green and White Bedroom by Phoebe HowardPhoto by Phoebe Howard

Matelassé coverlets provide cozy comfort on the upholstered bed with its tufted headboard. A simple wallpaper pattern adds cottage charm.

Bedroom by Phoebe HowardPhoto by Phoebe Howard

Twin beds flank an alcove – the perfect spot for a desk or vanity.

Bedroom by Phoebe HowardPhoto by Phoebe Howard

Step out the French doors to the expansive deck with its amazing countryside views.

Mountain Top Deck in Raleigh NC by Phoebe Howard

See more of this gorgeous mountain top home by Phoebe Howard.

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  1. You may want to rethink the copper sink idea. We had them throughout our remodeled home, including the kitchen. You cannot use any cleaners that “whiten” because it will turn the patina to a bright copper penny look and only in certain places. It leaves a blotchy effect. Not pretty! We cannot use whitening toothpaste in the bathroom copper sinks because it does the same thing. So bottom line is they look beautiful at first, but not practical or easy ..
    Love the warmth of the mountain home style. Almost looks farmhouse . Very inviting:)
    Thanks for posting!

  2. This home is full of earthy elegance. My husband is a hunter so the plate and deer trophy wall was inspiring. This is truly a beautiful and inviting home.

  3. Such a beautiful neutral home! It’s funny you mentioned the Pacific Crest Trail because I didn’t even know it existed until I recently read the book, “Wild” by Sheryl Strayed. Have a great week!

  4. Absolutely warm, charming and inviting! I love the soft palate. I usually use jewel tones, but this has me rethinking “light”!!! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  5. A beautiful home. I know “shed antlers” are a thing right now but I don’t like them. I just think they are sort of macabre. I’m glad you got the chance for hiking before the fires. The scenes from tv look like something from a horror show. BTW, off subject, but I’m going to Little Travellers on Wednesday. I haven’t been for awhile and you reminded me how fun it can be.

  6. one of the few good things about the fires is that our trails will be accessible again and as soon as we get a little rain (hoping for just a little intermittently for a long, long time), we’ll be able to get into areas we haven’t seen in many years. also, burning off that 60 year old brush, which is impenetrable for lots of wildlife makes the habitat better, in the long run. a friend and her family lost 3 houses in one of the back country enclaves in the upper Ojai/Ferndale area, two more were lost in the canyons. i know it’s hard for them to see any long term benefit right now. just hoping the smoke and ash will stop. thanks for the lovely pictures: something beautiful to enjoy.

  7. Love the choices homeowners made especially in the living room, the fabric of the draperies is exactly what we need for our great room and dining rm windows. Please tell me source of fabric and or draperies.

  8. This home is proof that well done traditional, classic design is timeless. They’ve probably redone the tiled tub though 😉 This home is beautiful and inspiring!

  9. The whole house is just beautiful. Would love to live there. And if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d be spending a lot of time on that great deck with the fabulous view.

  10. I wish that with these photos of rooms that they would include the paint color and name of the company that has the paint!