My Little Valentine Tree

What do you do with a pile of old branches out in the yard and a pile of vintage Valentines in the craft cabinet? Why, make a Valentine Tree, of course!

What’s a Valentine’s vignette without a cute cuddly kitten?
Little Puddy loves fresh flowers. Especially Baby’s Breath.
It’s always nice to have someone admire your work.
Little Puddy is the stray kitty we rescued.
Happy Valentine’s Day to All!
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  1. I love you sweet Valentine tree. I tried something similar a few years ago with a small white feather tree but I was disappointed on my little wooden ornaments. I used balsa wood and decoupage. Are yours made of paper?

    It is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful Valentine’s vignette…the little tree is so cute! Loved the precious little kitty too :o)

    PS. I am now following you on
    Google…hope you will follow
    me back :o)

  3. ADORABLE pictures!! Y’all did good! :^)
    Does the Puddy cat like to EAT the flowers…the Princess Posie cat LOVES flowers. I have to hide them from her :^(
    Thanks for posting!