Pink Carnations

Just now the lilac is in bloom,
All before my little room;
And in my flower-beds, I think,
Smile the carnation and the pink…
~ Rupert Brooke
This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law Karen, who loves carnations.
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  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers ! I love pink flowers heck I love all kinds of flowers and colours I just love flowers lol oh and butterfly’s hehe ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. That is so beautiful. I love those pink carnations and so lovely one stem in a little bottle. Beautiful
    I am your new follower.
    Happy pink Saturday

  3. Happy Pink Saturday Jennifer Sweetie…
    What a beautiful pink share today. Carnations are my favorite. They have the most wonderful fragrance of all in a garden.

    Where on earth did you find the basket and bottles? Be still my little heart. I love this.

    A beautiful share, gorgeous photos my friend.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry