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My Spring Porch and Entryway

Welcome to a tour of my spring porch and entryway! My house was built circa 1875 in a small farming town that is growing into a popular Chicago suburb. The town has more than doubled its size since we moved here. Today I’m joining the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Tour that features other bloggers showcasing part of their homes decked out for the season. Thanks to Krista at The Happy Housie and April at House by Hoff for organizing this week’s events. Links to all bloggers is at the end of this post. A special welcome to those of you visiting from House 214 Design! (This post contains affiliate links.)

But first, here’s my old farmhouse porch and entryway decorated for the spring season!

Spring Porch - Circa 1875 Farmhouse Porch with Spring Decorations


The photo below was taken as the sun was rising early in the morning. This is my favorite morning spot to enjoy a cup of coffee during spring, summer, and fall. The end of our street turns into a gravel path that winds its way up through the nearby forest preserve, so a few passers-by are seen while sitting on the swing. Sometimes neighbors stop and we talk about gardening.

Spring Porch - Circa 1875 Farmhouse Porch with Spring Decorations


 It’s so peaceful out here on the porch. I added some new blue, spring pillows in a paisley pattern to the porch swing and found a pair of over-sized mugs perfect for my morning cup o’ joe!

Blue and White Pillows on a Farmhouse Porch Swing


Hubby bought me some yummy Cadberry chocolate eggs! In the background on my spring porch is my three-gallon crock filled with silk hydrangeas. Once my own hydrangea bush is flowering, I’ll be able to use fresh blooms.

Spring Decorating Details on a Farmhouse Porch


The front door wears a white flowery wreath and basket of white flowers. I plan to change the door handle this year. Any suggestions?

Spring Wreath



A couple years ago we gave our old farmhouse a new color scheme. The siding is Butter Up, the dark blue is Downpour, and the turquoise is Rivulet. The white trim is Snow; all by Sherwin Williams. I opted for blue pillows on the spring porch to match the darker trim.

Blue Accents on Yellow Farmhouse Porch


Inside, more white flowers greet you in the entryway.

Farmhouse Entryway decorated for spring with paperwhites


I love the double windows just inside our front door. This is the perfect place for plants needing direct sunlight. Outside this window is the empty lot we own, which holds our vegetable and flower garden. I love seeing the plants from this window once summer comes.

Vintage Desk in Farmhouse Entryway


Paper whites are ready to bloom!  I shared how to create a moss ball planter for the store-bought fern. These moss balls are known as kokedama and are super easy to make (just a little messy, though).

Spring Plants and Flowers. Ferns and Paperwhites


Butterflies in jars join the spring line-up in front of the window.

Vintage Desk in Farmhouse Entryway


Butterfly House Accent


Pussy willows are a sure sign of spring so I placed a few stems in my old, white bean crock.

Spring Floral Details in a Farmhouse Entryway


One of my favorite flea market finds from last year is my cow oil painting from Julie Norkus. I call her Bessie (the cow, not Julie). She likes to greet people walking in the front door.

Farmhouse Decor. Cow Oil Painting


White silk ranunculus were on sale for half-price at Hobby Lobby. I stock up on florals whenever they have their sale.

Spring Floral Details


From the other angle, it looks like Bessie is smelling the flowers!

Bessie the Cow Oil Painting

Next Wednesday I’ll share the rest of my spring home tour, which includes my “new” sitting room.

Next on the tour is Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog. And be sure to enjoy more spring gorgeousness presented by my fellow bloggers below.

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  1. Jennifer it’s so bright and colorful and I only wish I had a front porch as pretty as yours! Personally I like the storm door handle and all the little green touches of Spring are perfect.

  2. Love your color scheme! Very fresh and inviting…what a sweet little wreath on the door. It would be great to have an extra lot for gardening.

  3. Just love your shades of blue Springtime porch. It goes so pretty with the yellow paint on your house. I have a tiny walk-upon front porch – it’s covered but it’s only 5×6 so not much chance to decorate if I want to be able to open the front door. There’s room for a tall plant and a piece of decor on the adjacent attached garage wall and that’s it. I do put down a colorful rug when the weather gets nicer but would so much love to have a comfy chair or a porch swing. Oh well – I’m happy to have a home.

  4. On my daughter’s screen porch, she used a silver plated pie server as a door handle. It was bent so you can grab on to it. It looks very country. We live in Tx., but both my husband and I are from In. He is from South Bend, and I am from Peru, In. I love all your ideas.

  5. I love your DIY moss ball planter, and I’ll have to check out your tutorial! I also am loving all your spring touches – such a pretty home!

  6. Your porch is so calming and beautiful I love the colors the way you put everything together.

  7. That is a lovely Spring porch! Wish I could be one of those neighbors passing by & talking with you about gardening! Then I could see your porch up close with my own 2 eyes! Love the colors you chose too. What is that thing in your house that has the butterflies in it & looks sort of like a clock? That is a most interesting piece of decor!

  8. I love your place! I actually really like the screen door handle style, but it does seem out of proportion. The same thing only bigger would look good. Or you could go with an antique style. I found some really neat ones on ebay. I put them on a guest room closet door.

  9. Fresh, charming, and perfect for spring Jennifer!! I love it all – that wreath! (Sorry it took me so long to get here, we left for a spring break vacation last Friday early and just arrived home!)

  10. Beautiful!
    I too have a yellow house and am struggling with shutter/trim colors.
    Could you tell me what paint/shades are your trim and door?

  11. So thrilled to come across this while looking for paint color ideas. Our little cottage is being prepped for painting and I’m struggling with color ideas. It has been various shades of cream/yellow for over 30 years, and it was supposed to be repainted gray a few years ago, with an aqua door. Due to road construction, we didn’t do it. Now our neighbor is considering that same pallet on her large four square. Grrr….so, trying to decide if I should stick with yellow, but go a bit brighter. Tried 5 so far and not happy with any. Too creamy, too golden or too lemony. Who would think it would be so hard? The trim has fresh coat of white and the sills will be aqua/teal family. Door is aqua…but end up more tiffany blue. Anyway, I was considering adding another color to the strip at the top of the window frame and wondered how it would look as I have never seen that in a contrasting color!! SO glad to see that you did it. I LOVE it and will do that with mine. I’m glad you provided your colors. I will be back to the paint store tomorrow to look at those paint chips!!

  12. I love the color sheme on your front porch. I have a 100 year old house with a hugh wrapped porch and I had it painted yellow 20 years ago and now It needs a brighter hue. I love the colors you selected can you please let me know what color was used on the porch floor?
    Thank you