Bamboo Script Mats for Easy Indoor Living

When you have a house full of kids and pets, you need home decor that’s both economical and provides easy living for a busy life. In our 16 years of living in this old house we’ve seen a variety of pets and people come and go, along with the wear and tear that accompanies an active household. One of the first things I did when moving here was to rip out all of the rose-colored carpet (all by myself, I might add!). To my pleasant surprise, I found that the floorboards underneath were painted and I liked the look. But every time I put down a floor rug, one of the cats thought it was their new place to puke. No lie! It was so frustrating and exhausting keeping the rugs clean. So for awhile we simply lived with painted floors and no rugs, but I wanted to break up the space of expansive bare floors and add some warmth at the same time. When I thought there was no solution … I happened upon a gorgeous bamboo script “rug” in a local boutique.

Town and Country Living RoomI get a lot of questions on my blog about these script floor coverings. They’re not really rugs … they’re more like a floor mat made of bamboo and backed with a material that keeps them from slipping on the floor. I placed the first one in the living room.


Bamboo floor covering in living roomI only purchased one of these rugs from the boutique, not convinced the cats would leave them alone or that they stand up to high traffic.


Bamboo Script RugThe shopkeeper assured me they’d last a long time. After all, her store gets a lot of traffic and the bamboo script rug in her shop was still looking great.


Bamboo script mat So I braved it out and purchased a second bamboo script rug a few weeks later for the dining room. Thankfully, the cats didn’t view these mats as their new spot to hack up a hairball (I know, it’s gross) and have left them alone!


Bamboo script mat in family roomMy joy and exuberance over finding a floor covering that stood up to playful pets led me purchase another large bamboo script rug for the family room. This time, I had the shop owner special order one in a different yet complementary script pattern.


Bamboo script mat in family roomEach of these 6′ x 10′ bamboo script mats was about $150 and as far as I’m concerned … worth every penny! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to find a floor covering that’s both durable and economical.


Bamboo script matThe coloring of these bamboo script mats goes perfectly with our painted floor boards. I wanted something that blended while still packing a visual punch.


I get a lot of compliments on the script pattern … although a few people think they look like Ouija boards.

LOL! I suppose they do!


Farmhouse entry wayI added a 3’x5′ bamboo script mat in the entry way by the desk. These floor mats clean up so easily! You can lightly mop them with water or wipe them down by hand. Just make sure not to slop on too much water or the fabric backing will get too wet.


Bamboo throw rugI’ve even tossed a couple of the smaller 2’x3′ bamboo script mats in the kitchen for visual interest when taking pictures, like this photo shoot from my blog post about the new open shelving.


Bamboo mat in a farmhouse kitchenI just love the look of these bamboo mats – this one in a tea label design. There are a few different patterns and you can find these at smaller boutiques and specialty stores.

They’re made by Peacock Park Designs and if you want to find a retailer near you, visit their website at


Taffy the CatYes, Taffy. Hide your face from your adoring public who now knows your little secret of messing up the rugs!

You’re lucky we love you and have decorated the house to accommodate you and your needs!

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  1. oh the joys of living with cats…love the bamboo floor coverings!

  2. I have always admired your mats. I have 2 cats, a dog and constant sand. I’m not sure mats would work, but I sure wish they would.

  3. These bamboo rugs are great. I love them and how they look in your rooms. I have all hard wood floors and my basset hound thinks every time we put down a throw rug she is suppose to pee on it!!!! What is up with that? So I may have to look into these. She is 10 years old and never has accidents in the house unless I put a rug down!!!! So maybe she will think these are like the hard wood floors and leave them alone. I may have to try this.

  4. They look fantastic!!!
    I kept one on my porch for years and it held up – even with snow and rain 🙂
    My dog punishes us when we go out by leaving a little something – something on the floor
    ( gross I know – but since we’re sharing LOL ) so I won’t even dare put a bamboo one down now!

  5. I like them, Jennifer! I like that you’ve got different ones throughout, too. I’d love to use something like this in my booth, except for the cost. It would have to be less expensive for me to use it in that space. I wondered if they moved on the wood floors; glad you mentioned there is something on the back to keep them from doing that.

  6. I love the look, can you vacuum them? I have lots of dirt and sand that gets tracked in every day. I really should mop daily, but that’s not going to happen. I have a cat that wants to puke in the middle of my bed, so whatever beautiful quilt is on the bed is always covered up with a drop cloth:(

  7. Anne Boykin says:

    Your floors are so cool – the painted wood and the tiled kitchen floor. I have a bamboo mat rug too and even my dogs can’t mess it up!

  8. These are very pretty and different, I have never heard about these before. Maybe I have been living under a rock too long LOL! They are beautiful and I am glad they hold up with your cats.


  9. I’ve always loved your mats Jennifer and can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like them here. I’m always on the lookout though, because we have two inside dogs (who run the house).

  10. Feed your cat a little butter everyday and no more hair balls.

  11. Oh I love those mats too Jennifer! I recently bought two of them from Decor steals.I should share them soon.I am waiting for them to offer the larger one.I did get a steal on the small mats.I believe they were 15.00 each 🙂 They are sort of addictive.As soon as you buy one you want more!

  12. I love them! They look wonderful in your home.

  13. Started following you on Hometalk. You have a beautiful home! And I love the rugs. Looks like Miss Mustard Seed’s rug.

  14. It’s all about the cat. always. Love the rugs.

  15. I’m totally smitten with these rugs! I think they look great and not like a ouija board! lol

  16. I’m stalking you. JK 😉 Your kitty is so cute, love her! I miss having a kitty so much. I would love one of these for my living room (the rug, or the cat). I’m think ing about it! 🙂

  17. Gorgeous!! I’ve seen them but didn’t think they would work with my house. But I love how they look in yours so maybe it’s something I gotta try 😉
    Jamie @

  18. I love these rugs! I have one myself in my laundry room and think they’re awesome! So easy to maintain!! Love the small ones in the kitchen too!! Have a great day!!~~Angela

  19. Love your bamboo mats- can you tell me where I might be able to order one? Just found your blog during the home showcase and love it!

  20. Excellent! Where can I find these?

  21. I have one of those mats but completely forgot about it until now! Wonder where it is…

  22. Lovely place, lovely colors, lovely everything! Great taste! I am in love with the mats (among other objects in your beautiful home).

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