Paris Poster Wall Art

When it comes to decorating, one of my biggest challenges is figuring out what to hang on the walls. Sometimes a wall just tells you what it needs … like a big old vintage mirror. And other times you have a stretch of wall that can’t decide what it wants to be. After years of changing paintings and mirrors around on one of my fickle living room walls, I finally decided to do something I’ve never done before.

Paris Poster Wall ArtI painted some shutters and hung them up to act as a backdrop for whatever else might get added.

Since Paris is the city of love, I thought it would be appropriate to hang this poster for Valentine’s Day.


Paris Poster added to vintage shuttersDuring the Christmas season, I had a Santa picture hanging here.

Now it’s been turned into Paris Poster Wall Art.


How to hang a poster from a shutterI simply draped some white roping across the top of the shutters to hang the Paris poster.

Then used wooden clothespins to clip it in place! Easy peasy!


Paris Poster Wall ArtAfter getting the Paris Poster Wall Art in place, I realized I had vintage books the same colors as the poster.

So out they came to line up on top of my decoupaged desk.


Colorful vintage books on a vintage deskI love my vintage books and constantly change their location throughout the house.


Collection of vintage booksSometimes, the shabbier the book the better.  The red book “Dragon Seed” is by Pearl S. Buck.

She’s one of my favorite authors so it’s always a treasure to find one of her books.


Vintage book collectionAnd yes, I do read some of my vintage books. They’re more than just a pretty face.


Paris poster hung on shuttersI found the Paris poster at a local boutique for just $3.

I love that I can swap out artwork throughout the year to hang on my painted shutters.

So I think I’ve finally settled on a solution for this living room wall.


Paris Poster Wall ArtParis Poster Wall Art … celebrating the city of love during Valentine’s season!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I just love this, such a cottage feel to it and Paris too! I wish my hubby would find my stash of small shutters. He stored them somewhere and can’t remember where…oh well while digging out we should find them. I love shutters in decorating.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  2. You had me at Paris! Love this Jennifer!! Sometimes the easiest things have the most impact. It’s stunning against your shutters.

  3. Being a snail-mail fan I love the postmark motif on this poster, but even more I love the idea of switching up the poster from time to time. Those upcycled shutters are killer. Couldn’t help notice the lovely handwriting pages on your desk too. Speaking to my heart you are! Before I go and ‘tweet’ (@ritewhileucan) and ‘pin’ this I wish you an afternoon of reading those beautiful vintage books.