Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

Beautiful pink tulips are the inspiration for a sweet and soft pink and gray Valentine table setting. Seeing tulips at the grocery store for purchase has helped to brighten my spirits. We had two snowstorms one week apart in our area, which doesn’t help to relieve the winter blues.

Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

It’s funny how something as simple as a new plant or flowers can boost your mood. Tulips are especially sweet and signal warmer days to come. The pink ones look great with a bit of gray at the table.

Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

A feminine bottle of Cote des Roses provides a touch of pink in my Waterford crystal stemware. This is a very dry rose wine by Gerard Bertrand in coastal southern France. The bottom of the bottle is shaped like a rose. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

So back to those tulips! I tucked them inside a wooden crate to lend just a touch of rustic appeal to my pink and gray Valentine table setting. This then led to using my wood chargers to tie the table setting all together.

Tulip Centerpiece

Tulip Centerpiece

I found fringed, light gray napkins. Rather than purchase napkin rings, I used the cloth ribbon that came wrapped around each bundle of napkins. I cut the ribbon in six equal pieces and tied each one around the napkin with a single-stem tulip.

Pink and Gray Place Setting

Even my little pig figurine got dressed for the occasion with a pretty pink bow – you can see her in the background on the cabinet.

Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

The wooden crate holding the tulips is a cigar box. Next Monday I’m sharing a special Valentine’s gift craft using smaller cigar boxes. A local wine and beverage store sells the empty cigar boxes for $1.50 each. Some are pretty fancy!

Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

Pink and gray are such a perfect color match – do you agree?

Pink and Gray Valentine Table Setting

Here’s a little video I made to share on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

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  1. Jennifer, This table is so lovely! I’m a pink fan too and I so love how you mixed the pink with soft grey and surrounded it with beautiful gentle details! The perfect intro from winter into spring… 🙂

  2. I love the soft colors you have used. And, I am going to find that wine! I love roses and the pink rose’ looks so pretty on the table!

  3. I love your table. It is soft and beautiful without being too overly feminine. I’m so happy to see the design world embracing the color pink – although not just any pink. The soft blush colors are a great contrast to what we’ve seen for several years – and the tulips are such a welcome sight after our Midwest cold spell that seemed to go on forever. Your table is perfect.

  4. Of what a beautiful setting for any gathering. I am awaiting my invitation!
    I can just close my eyes and imagine everyone sitting, and laughing, and talking around that gorgeous table sharing their thoughts, dreams, memories and love.
    BTW – I love, love, love tulips… so, this speaks to my heart! (perfect for Valentine’s Day)
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post.
    Have a beautiful Monday.

    1. I love the combination of grey and pink and once many years ago did my preteens bedroom in these colors.
      I much prefer tulips for Valentines day than Rose’s. They just say spring to me and we all are looking forward to that season.
      Thankyou for the lovely table setting.

  5. Beautiful as always and I love the gray and pink. I have the same little pig in our kitchen. Really love the napkins. The table has a soft feel


  6. Oh my goodness! What a collection of fun Valentine’s tables. I just love pink too – my preferred Valentine’s color, although red is wonderful too. The tulips just are stunning. I haven’t done a table just yet – maybe tomorrow – but hubby was having a meeting here and wanted the house decorated for Valentine’s before they came. I had to give him a big hug and tell him how I love that he supports my decorating habits!

  7. Loved the video, great idea with photos, I have been doing videos, took a course and it helped, One thing I did not learn is to add photos, will need to try that. I am sure its easy. Beautiful tablescape!

  8. Hi Jennifer, I’m putting together a Valentine’s Tablescape post, and would love to use this link as a lovely soft- pink table example.

    Please let me know if you are ok with me linking to you.