Winter White Table Setting

I think I mentioned in a recent post how much I love winter white. After the color of Christmas and before the vivid hues of spring and summer, I like to rest with a little white. Today I’m joining a few blogging friends to bring you creative tablescapes for parties or intimate family gatherings. I put together a winter white table setting with flowers, book pages, ribbons, and a touch of gold. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Winter White Table Setting


Each white dinner plate cradles a book page cone flower holder laying on white napkins trimmed in lace.

Paper Cone Flower Holder Using Book Pages and Silk Flowers


White mums, carnations, and baby’s breath fill a white ironstone soup tureen. This is the first floral arrangement I’ve ever created using floral foam. I bought a book to help me get better at arranging fresh flowers and will share those tips with you when I get better at my new hobby.

Winter White Table Setting


I have to be honest about this floral arrangement that takes center stage on my winter white table setting. There were too many gaping holes when I finished poking all the stems into the floral form. I had to run back to the store and grabbed a bunch of baby’s breath to fill in the holes.

Winter White Floral Arrangement in an Ironstone Soup Tureen


I found this cute little white iron bird and leaf plate at Hobby Lobby for half price to add to the table.

Details of Winter White Table Setting


Paper cone flower holders are made from a book page, wrapped with crocheted lace and a tiny white paper flower.

Paper Cone Flower Holder Made with a Book Page


Silk flowers are tucked inside and guests can take them home.

Paper Cone Flower Holder Made with a Book Page


Hanging on the dining room window is my favorite heart-shaped book page wreath made by Rosemary at Villabarnes.

Winter White Table Setting in a Farmhouse Dining Room



A pair of little white primrose flowers are also on the table, tucked inside little white ironstone bowls.

White Primrose Flowers in White Ironstone Bowl


Our grocery store always has a collection of these dainty flowers this time of year.

White Primrose Flowers in White Ironstone Bowl


As usual, white ironstone is displayed in my corner hutch. I’ve been thinking of something else to showcase in here.

Winter White Table Setting


To carry the book page theme to this corner, I rolled book pages and tied them with thin twine to fill another tureen.

Rolled Book Pages Tied with Thin Twine to Fill a White Ironstone Tureen


The same silk flowers that fill the paper cones fill the tureen.

Rolled Book Pages Tied with Thin Twine to Fill a White Ironstone Tureen


My winter white table setting reminds me a little of a wedding reception. I love white on white from time to time. If I ever host a wedding shower, I think I’ll use this table setting for a luncheon.

Winter White Table Setting in a Farmhouse Dining Room

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy another tablescape!  If you want to create the same look, I’ve included resources to make it easier for you.


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  1. I went to Villabarnes but couldn’t find the heart-shaped wreath. Did you purchase it or was it a tutorial? Love your winter white table. Your blog is inspirational and informative. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. This is beautiful! I was thinking that it reminded me of a wedding table but then you said that. 🙂

    It’s all gorgeous. Pinning and sharing.

  3. As I was looking down at your beautiful table setting I saisto myself “would,not that make a beautiful wedding dressing” and then you said the same thing. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. So many sweet touches, Jennifer! You are so blessed to be able to have primroses. Our weather in Central Florida just doesn’t allow it. Can’t even find them in the stores- boo hoo. Aren’t they the sweetest flowers????!!!

  5. Jennifer,
    Your table looks so pretty. If and when you ever have that bridal shower, this table setting will be beautiful. I was impressed with your centerpiece. You did really well for just following the directions in a book. Just keep in mind that arrangements always take more flowers than you think you will need, so make sure you have enough. If you have some left over, you can always add them to a vase and put them into your powder room/bathroom. I just love flowers sitting on a vanity top or sink top. I liked the fact that you used the cute little primroses. They looked delightful on the table with the ribbons, etc. You are really rocking….Miss Jennifer. Good job!