Pink and Green Table Setting

Happy Humpday! I’m honored to join a new monthly series called “It’s All Set” with a few fellow bloggers. The second Wednesday of each month we’re sharing a special table setting with you. Today’s theme is all about spring so I’m sharing a tablescape in 2 of my favorite spring colors … a pink and green table setting! I’m also including a few of my table setting tips too.

Spring Table Setting in Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

Beautiful pink dahlias were the inspiration for my spring table setting, which leads to my first tip. Choose a single inspiration piece for your entire table setting.


Dahlia Centerpiece for Spring Table Setting

 I saw these pretty dahlias at the garden center and thought, “Hey, I could use these for a centerpiece before planting them out in the garden.”


Dahlia Centerpiece for Spring Table Setting

I’ve always been fond of dahlias, and these are going in my cutting garden this weekend. Hubby created a new bed specifically for my new cutting garden so I can have a variety of flowers in the house every week. I’m so excited about it!


Dahlia Centerpiece for Pink and Green Table Setting

I didn’t want to place the dahlias on my table in their ugly plastic pots, so I temporarily transferred them to white painted boxes I had on hand. Second Tip … Create a pretty centerpiece with potted flowers or plants and cover up the dirt with a bit of Spanish moss on top. The moss adds femininity and dimension. Making a centerpiece is just that easy!


Pink and Green Table Setting

A third table setting tip is to choose a color scheme. Once I had my inspiration centerpiece of pink dahlias, it was simply a matter of using the pink and green of the flowers to set the stage for the rest of the table.


Ribbon and Floral Detailing on Pink and Green Dishes

Quite unexpectedly, I found these pretty pink and green dishes with dainty flowers and pretty ribbons wrapped around the edges. They remind me of dishes my mother would choose for her table.


Pink and Green Table Setting

I especially love the shape of the plates and thought they’d be pretty for a bridal luncheon for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Yes, my son (my baby) is getting married this summer on July 3rd. I can’t wait … I love weddings!


Pink and Green Table Setting

A fourth table setting tip is to add something unexpected. For my pink and green table setting, I placed a sprig of lilacs on each plate. It’s a pale enough shade of lavender that it blends right in with the rest of the tablescape.


Pink and Green Table Setting

After finding the new dishes, I was on the hunt for pink or green glasses, completely forgetting I had these small green tumblers. Do you ever do that?  Forget that you have something in your cupboard only to stumble upon them later?  Please tell me you do!


Spring Table Setting in Pink and Green

Are you ready for my 5th and final tip for setting the table?  Use an ordinary item in a not-so-ordinary manner. My lace tablecloth?  It’s actually the curtain from the kitchen window. Take it down, wash it, and voila … it fits the table perfectly!  No need to buy a new tablecloth. Once our luncheon is over, the curtain goes back on the window.


Pink and Green Table Setting for Spring

Thanks so much for stopping by to share my pink and green table setting along with my favorite tablescape tips. Be sure to visit the rest of my blogging friends to see their inspirational tables!


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  1. What a beautiful setting, Jennifer! I’m a pink and green girl so myself, so this definitely speaks my language… 🙂 Love the flowers planted in the chippy boxes, love the moss covering, love the lilacs and the brilliance of the lace curtain on the table!! Everything is perfect!

  2. Hah…isn’t that fun…I sometimes use bed sheets for table coverings…evergreen branches worked at Christmas…and moss…I adore moss!!! Need dahlias!!! franki