Beautiful Tulip Arrangements from Store Flowers

Normally we associate tulips with springtime, but you might notice that your local florist or grocery store is already offering colorful blooms so you can create and enjoy tulip arrangements in your home.

Colorful Tulips for Sale in Buckets with a Chalkboard Sign


Tulips are one of my favorite flowers (I think I say that about every flower) and I love adding them to interior spaces as soon as they’re available. You really don’t even need to arrange them when you bring them home. Just cut the tips of their stems and place them in a water-filled vase.

Bouquet of tulips, candles, on a gray table by the window


If you really don’t want to mess with attractively displaying them in a vessel, you can often find potted tulips that will last a long time in your home. I always try to select potted flowers that haven’t bloomed yet to ensure the longest-lasting enjoyment. This one is from my 2017 spring home tour.

Potted Pink Tulips in a Gray Weathered Basket


The flowers above and below were both featured in another previous spring home tour. In the image below, I grouped three pots of tulips in dirt. I put the taller, lighter pink tulips in back and the darker, shorter ones in front.

Group of 3 Potted Tulip Plants in Hammered Metal Tray


Here’s another example of “messy” tulip arrangements. To create this carefree look, cut the stems at varied lengths and then arrange the tulips in your hand like a bouquet. Then place them in a vase or pitcher and you’re good to go. And speaking of pitchers, I love this one with a green leaf motif! It reminds me of majolica.

Tulips in vase with green leaf pattern


Tulips look great with a wide variety of flowers and I love the way they gently droop.

Tulips, poppies, sweet peas in a pink and yellow floral arrangement


A few years ago I grouped yellow tulips, pink roses, purple hyacinths, and pussy willow stems in a DIY cabbage vase that’s super easy to create.

DIY Cabbage Floral Vase


Tulip arrangements are especially pretty when you choose a few colors to place in a white pitcher.

beautiful tulips in jug on old white windowsill


Of course, a single color looks equally beautiful. I think we can also use a few beautiful tulips in our lives right about now. There’s something about a fresh floral arrangement that can lift your spirits when you’re feeling a bit blue or anxious.

Mint green pitcher with white tulips


My green enamelware pitcher is the perfect shape for displaying taller tulip stems.

Colorful Spring Tulips in Green Enamelware Vase


Perhaps my favorite vase for tulip arrangements is one of my white pitchers.

Pink Tulip Centerpiece in White Ironstone Pitcher


Wouldn’t it be fun to splurge on a big bouquet of tulips and plop them into a basket? Tuck them into a large vase of water first, then place them in a basket for a casual display.

basket with huge bouquet of pink tulips

Now I’m inspired to run to the store to grab some colorful flowers to add a bit of cheer to the days ahead!


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  1. Tulips are one of my favorite inside arrangements and I plant lots in the fall so I have enough to pick and not affect the garden display. Will be sure to check our local grocery store for some January flowers to bring some joy to my kitchen.

  2. I brought home some silk tulips from Michael’s craft store last week. The pink color was calling my name. I did see some pretty ones at our local Kroger store Friday. I just may have to splurge for some soon. I did place my iron rabbit on the porch with my lighted grapevine balls and placed the white rabbits out on my shelf. It soon will be spring!! Right!!?? Ha!

  3. Dear Jennifer,

    Tulips are my favorite flower too! You showed so many beautiful ways to have tulips indoors. Thank you for your creative displays. I really enjoyed seeing them.