17 Rooms with Spectacular Views

If you’re lucky enough to live on the water or in a mountain range, I hope you have a room with a view. But even if you live on the prairie, you can enjoy pretty views outside your window. Here’s a collection of 17 rooms with spectacular views that will take your breath away!

Mountain Views

My first trip to the Rocky Mountains involved lodging at a camp that had a spectacular view of the mountains the moment you stepped out the cabin door. If you’re going to live in a mountainous region, you might as well enjoy a room with mountain views.

Neutral Living Room with a Mountain ViewPhoto by Pearson Design Group


Neutral Living Room with a Mountain ViewPhoto by Locati Architects


Rustic Living Room with a View of the MountainsPhoto by Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.


Vermont Living Room with Mountain ViewPhoto by Zehren and Associates, Inc


Waterfront Views

If given a choice, I think most people would opt for a waterfront view above all others. Not everyone of course, but there’s something so soothing about the sight and sound of water. It’s one of the reasons I have a pond and waterfall in my backyard. 

Coastal Style Sun Room with Waterfront ViewPhoto by Marsha Jones Interior Design, Ltd.


Dining Room with Lakefront ViewPhoto by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP


All I can think of when I see this bathroom photo is waving to the boats from the bath tub as they sail by!

Freestanding Tub in a Bathroom with a Lake ViewPhoto by McClellan Architects


Coastal Style Sun Room with Waterfront ViewPhoto by Battle Associates, Architects


Dining Room with a Lakefront View

Photo by Vivid Interior Design – Danielle Loven


City Views

A friend of a friend livea in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. You know, the same neighborhood as Oprah. He graciously gave us a tour of his high-rise apartment which was fabulous. He enjoyed both a city view and a lake view depending on which window you were looking out of. It was a bit magical, to be honest.

Mid Century Living Room with City ViewPhoto by Lindye Galloway Interiors


Industrial Style Living Room with City ViewPhoto by Chinc’s Workshop

Scandinavian Style Living Room with City ViewPhoto by B Interior


Traditional Dining Room in the CityPhoto by Sutro Architects


Forest and Garden Views

The last category when it comes to rooms with spectacular views is forest and garden views. A garden view is something you can create for your own home if you don’t enjoy seeing water, mountains, or cityscapes out your window.

Traditional Dining Room with Garden ViewPhoto by


Transitional Kitchen with a Garden ViewPhoto by L. Newman Associates/Paul Mansback, Inc.


Living Room with Garden ViewPhoto by Fraerman Associates Architecture


Farmhouse Dining Room with a View of the GardenPhoto by Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA

If you could have your choice of any of the above, what view would you most like to wake up to every day?

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  1. Marlene Stephenson says:

    The mountains with a stream, i have relatives that live on properties that have little streams of clear water and mountains in the background, i love to visit them. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

  2. All the views are amazing, but I would have to choose a water view. While I love trees and mountains and all aspects of nature, bur some reason I’m drawn to water. I guess my very very early ancestor was a frog. 🙂

  3. Kim Lennie says:

    I love all views but I think my most favorite is forest/garden views for there is always something going on whether it be butterflies, birds or silly critters like squirrels. I live in the suburbs of a city and I have lots of entertainment with all that nature has to offer which surprises me everyday.

  4. Deb Gibboney says:

    Number 3 mountain view is pretty incredible! But I sure do like YOUR backyard view!!

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