Bold Coastal Style Home with Amazing and Tasteful Colors

Bold coastal style? Normally I think of beach style as being soft and serene in hues of blue and green, but today’s home by Anthony Baratta adds a fun twist. Strong colors mingle with nautical décor to create unique living spaces in a beautifully constructed home.

White paint pops next to chocolate brown wallpaper and a brightly striped stair runner in the entryway, which is just a taste of what else you’ll see. White board and batten allows the amazing bachelor’s chest to take center stage just below the vintage pendant light.

bold coastal style entrywayPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

Chair backs mimic a sea compass while whales and ship paintings create a pleasing wall of coastal décor.

coastal decor in waterfront home entryPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

The multi-windowed living room provides stunning views of waterfront living. Bright colors add fresh cheery appeal. It makes me happy to see a designer without fear of using color.

Raspberry couches in waterfront sun roomPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

In the breakfast nook, apple green creates a colorful background for the bright floral fabric used on the captain’s chairs. The braided rug underfoot echoes the color scheme. I’ve been thinking of bringing braided rugs into my own home. They were popular many years ago and I kind of miss them.

apple green kitchen and dining nookPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

Puppy seems to enjoy his space in the sunroom that sports a large sailboat and pretty wicker furniture. More windows provide expansive views of the outdoor scenery. I love houses that have plenty of windows!

coastal style decorating in sun roomPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

The painting above the wood mantel reminds me of Hilton Head Island. We used to go there every year and I loved the pristine beaches and soft sea grass. The homeowner added a pair of red wing chairs to repeat the color of the boat in the painting. Sailboat pillows and an ottoman with a sea compass pattern enhance the bold coastal style of this elegant home.

red wing chairs in living room with fireplacePhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

Red is a popular color for a dining room. My childhood friend had a red dining room and her mother had a ton of candlesticks with the wax dripping beautifully down the sides of the candles. Here, another large sailboat decorates the room with smaller sailboat plates flanking the mirror in the background.

Red dining room with white fireplacePhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

The reverse coloring of the wallpaper pattern is used to accent the multi-leveled staircase. The detailing on the banister is beautiful.

arched doorway leading to staircase in historic homePhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

brown and white wallpapered hallwayPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

One of the bedrooms is given a softer vibe with pale blue walls and plenty of white paint. Did you notice the whimsical painting above the bed? A pink and white footstool adds a little more character with a pirate’s skull and bones on top.

pale blue and white bedroomPhoto by Anthony Baratta LLC

I hope you enjoyed the fun and beauty of this bold coastal style home by Anthony Baratta. It was truly refreshing and inspiring for me.

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  1. WOW! This guy’s use of color, design and detail intrigued me so I looked him up (which I have never done before). Although too flamboyant for me, his design is evidence of a true genius. He is Charles Faudree on steroids! I could not get over his impeccably perfect use of colors together with styling details AND architectural design. I felt like every room was an art gallery that would take hours to “take in” and appreciate.
    His attention to curated detail is brilliant.
    PS: Some of our dearest friends have lived at Sea Pines on HH since the 60s. It is one of our favorite places also. Oh to be enjoying the harbor, in a rocking chair with a cup of flavored coffee right now!

  2. Love, the use of RED in this home!
    The boat picture and 2 side chairs are on my wish list.
    Nice change in nautical look.

    Go for those braided rugs. They look nice, easy to care for, and LL Bean sells the best ones.
    Get what Jennifer enjoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

    Give us some easy decorating on the bathroom sink, please. Small, interesting, water proof items.
    Doesn’t everyone want something sitting on the corner of the sink or bathroom counter?
    NO one shares these ideals. HELP!!!!!

  3. Wow! That is a stunning and well curated home! Love all the details. In the house I grew up in, an older home built in the 18 60’s, with 12 ft walls, my mother wallpaperd the kitchen in a yellow French quimper design and a red ceiling. I can vividly recall people’s expressions when they noticed the ceiling. Now that I think about it, I wonder how many were admirable, or simply dismayed.

  4. This was a lovely home with great bones and woodwork.They added just enough color to make it interesting.

  5. This tour is gorgeous! I love everything and every space, the interior decoration is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.


  6. I loved his unexpected use of color with the exception of his choice of rugs going up the stairway and in the dining space. My eyes were not tracking properly when trying to take it all in. lol
    I too miss the use of braided rugs. They were durable and were made of down to earth neutral colors of beige, brown, blue, green, dark red, etc, that were perfect for a farmhouse, cabin, beachhouse or a home with children and pets. A favorite that I had was a large oval in navy blue with a gradual hombre braid that ended up light blue in the middle. I would still have a place for it under my dining room table had it lasted forever. I may try one there again someday.

  7. This home is stunning and that breakfast room would get anyone out of bed! Beautiful!!! I too have memories of candlesticks with wax dripping. They were so pretty.

  8. I think this is one of my favorite posts you’ve done!! I love it all but really not a green lover but this is beautiful!!

  9. I LOVE Anthony Baratta!!! He is the KING of colorful design. I don’t normally like lots of colors in a space but he is a genius at coordinating colors and his attention to detail is unmatched.
    I was so taken with his amazing designs that I wrote him several years ago and he most surprisingly and graciously responded! His humility left me dumbfounded. Thanks for sharing this glorious home!