See Remarkable Cottage Kitchens: Where Whimsy And Charm Abounds

If you ask me what style of kitchen is my favorite, I’d say cottage kitchens, hands down. They feel like grandma’s kitchen to me, but not in an old-fashioned way. Rather, a comforting way that reminds you of the love you feel when your grandmother bakes your favorite cookies. Or memories of sitting at the kitchen table playing cards and drinking homemade milkshakes. Although modern kitchens have wonderful convenience, I’ll stick choose a quaint kitchen any day. Enjoy today’s collection of pretty cottage kitchens and let me know what type of kitchen is your favorite!

vintage style kitchen with colorPhoto by Mullman Seidman Architects


Cottage kitchens are typically a mix of farmhouse and traditional style, with touches of nostalgia. They instantly feel comfortable and down to earth. Bead board, glass front cabinets, and open shelves are typical of a cottage vibe.

 cream colored cottage kitchenPhoto by Cushman Design Group


This small kitchen has completely captured my heart. I had a sink like this in my first adult home, which was a Sears catalog house. I had a custom cabinet built to fit it, as opposed to bringing in a new sink and cabinets. There’s something about a quaint kitchen that brings back memories of helping my grandma cook meals – we called her Mimi. Today I’m making her potato salad recipe.

cottage kitchens - vintage sinkPhoto by Rikki Snyder


I don’t believe kitchens have to be big to be fully functional. If counter tops are scarce, a vintage wooden table can provide an additional meal prep surface. A worn upper cabinet pairs with newer lower cabinets while a floral chandelier and breezy curtains add a touch of romance.

small vintage kitchenPhoto by Andrew Sherman Photography


Since cottage kitchens don’t always have the latest in cabinetry and counter tops, you’ll often find free standing pieces that give the room unique charm, like this white farmhouse-style space. 

farmhouse style kitchenPhoto by User


You may have seen this photo on Pinterest. I seem to run across it from time to time. I call this the Cherry Kitchen for obvious reasons. It’s a little more cluttered than I like, but it still has a great cottage vibe.

cherry kitchenPhoto by tumbleweed and


Here’s another vintage sink with a custom cabinet underneath. Granite counter tops lend an air of sophistication while the patterned window valance and pottery pieces add a bit of whimsy.

cottage kitchens - farmhouse sinkPhoto by Dona Rosene Interiors


Colorful mixing bowls on open shelves are a sure sign you’re in a cottage-style kitchen like grandma used to have. Add an apron on a hook and a vintage sink and you’ve got the makings of a charming vintage kitchen. 

cottage kitchen with Fiesta ware bowlsPhoto by CapeRace Cultural Adventures


Although white is used frequently as a cabinet color in cottage kitchens, you’ll find other colors, including wood cabinetry. Add flea market finds, color, vintage tiles behind the stove, and more to personalize your cooking space. 

vintage kitchen with wood cabinetsPhoto by Julia Chasman Design


Do you have a favorite from today’s collection of cottage kitchens?


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  1. I love the cherry kitchen! So cute. A bit cluttered and not much work space, but everything in it is charming.

  2. I like No.2 or 3, I liked the size of these better than I do those big ones they have now. I love your kitchen it is the perfect size and so and cabinets.