Shabby White Pioneer Sholes School

A recent trip to Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve gave me plenty of eye candy to photograph and today’s post highlights the shabby white Pioneer Sholes School found on the property. A one-room school that was moved to its current location several years ago, the architecture is simple and lovely and the grounds are idyllic.

Shabby White Pioneer Sholes School in Kane County, IllinoisThis charming historic school sits on the same property where we start our Saturday morning training runs. Trails with gorgeous scenery run though the forest preserve and beyond.


Shabby White Pioneer Sholes School in Kane County, IllinoisThe little round sign above the front door of the one-room school house hints at its construction date.


Shabby White Pioneer Sholes School in Kane County, IllinoisThe website for the shabby white Pioneer Sholes School states the school is estimated at having been built in 1872. If this is true, then the school was constructed about the same time as my farm house.


Pioneer Sholes School in Kane Country, IllinoisWouldn’t it be cool if the first family who lived in my home had children who attended this school?


Shabby White Pioneer Sholes School, IllinoisA close-up of the shabby white school’s cupola shows where the school bell would toll.


Shabby white one-room school houseToday the school serves as a museum and all the elementary schools in the area hold field trips here.


Shabby white outhouses at Pioneer Sholes SchoolI was delighted to find this pair of darling outhouses out back (is it possible for an outhouse to be darling?).


Shabby white outhouse in Kane County, IllinoisThe door even has a moon sliver!


Shabby white outhouse at Pioneer Sholes SchoolI would imagine the boys used one outhouse while the girls used the other.


Rustic door on a shabby white outhouseCuriosity got the best of me and I had to get closer and take a peek inside.


Shabby white outhouse in Kane County, IllinoisYes, it’s still a working outhouse that’s surprisingly clean. I noted the toilet paper was well stocked and made a mental note in case I ever need to use this charming potty on one of my marathon training runs in the area.


Bridal Wreath bush at Leroy Oakes Forest PreserveBetween the shabby white Pioneer Sholes School and its outhouses is this gorgeous Bridal Wreath bush that was in full bloom. It smelled heavenly … and just for the record, the outhouse didn’t smell. Like I said, everything is kept in pristine condition here.


Shabby White Pioneer Sholes SchoolThe shabby white Pioneer Sholes School is located just down the lane from the big red barn that I photographed the same day. I love that so much attention has been given to preserving historic structures in the area. I’ll soon be writing about other buildings here in Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve in Kane County, Illinois … so stay tuned!

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  1. I agree that the outhouses are darling and the schoolhouse is very charming. So nice that it’s all so well maintained. Sounds like a wonderful place to run. Love the beautiful new picture of you, too!

  2. first of all, love your new picture, pretty lady………..I LOVE old churches, so simple and beautiful……….thanks for sharing this !!

  3. What a pretty spot and old school house. I love your photos and am glad you peeked inside the outhouse and took a pic. I’ve used a few of these in the past. 🙂

  4. I really admire how well they take care of their historic buildings! Just beautiful and the Bridal Wreath is just so pretty!

  5. Have I ever mentioned that I long to live in an old church or schoolhouse? Of course, those his and hers outhouses would have to be converted into a claw foot tub and rainfall shower head!! Gorgeous pics – looks like a fabulous day

  6. I’m curious, for logical reasons. It’s a beautiful school, but where did the name Sholes come from?