Shaquille O’Neill’s Pond and Waterfall: Amazing!

Today is a special day because I’m sharing Shaquille O’Neill’s pond and waterfall which is beyond amazing! Also exciting is the fact that the company I work for is the pond builder who installed Shaq’s gorgeous water feature at his Georgia home.

(All photos are courtesy of Aquascape, Inc.)

Expansive Waterfall at the Georgia Home of Shaquille O'Neill


Greg Wittstock, my boss and owner of Aquascape, Inc. is pictured at right below with the big guy himself. He has wanted to build a pond and waterfall for Shaq for quite a while. He thought it would look cool next to Shaq’s tree house – which you may have seen if you watch Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet. Shaq is wearing one of our t-shirts and he makes Greg look so small. If you watch the videos at the end of this post, you’ll see what a nice guy he is.

Shaquille O'Neill and Greg Wittstock


I wasn’t at this pond and waterfall build myself, but some of our very talented Certified Aquascape Contractors helped out. You’ll find links to videos at the bottom of the post so you can watch parts of the actual build, with a few funny moments from Shaq himself.

The long waterfall starts near the entrance of Shaq’s home and cascades down along the front until it empties into the koi pond. A fire pit creates a cozy place to enjoy the water feature at night.

Pond and Waterfall with Firepit and Gravel Paths


Looking down from midway up the waterfall, you see the fire pit and tree house in the background. A wooden bridge and numerous pebble paths provide areas to explore all of this amazing water feature. Can you believe it’s all man-made and was installed in just three days? It’s true!

Waterfall and Pond by Tree House


Also in the pond area by the tree house is a sandy beach where Shaq can wade into the water if he wants. It’s a perfect play area for kids, too.

Sandy Beach Area in an Aquascape Ecosystem Pond


Here’s the view from the opposite side of the sandy beach. Who needs to go on vacation when you can have this in your yard? Okay, most of us wouldn’t be able to afford this, but you can enjoy a smaller feature like my backyard garden pond.

Shaquille O'Neill's Pond and Waterfall


Let’s take another look at the waterfall! Here’s a close-up view that shows the true talent of setting rock and stone to create a natural-looking waterfall. You’d think it had always been here and not installed less than a couple months ago.

Shaquille O'Neill's Pond and Waterfall


Aquascape manufactures a variety of pond and waterfall supplies – but we also install gorgeous water features and have Certified Aquascape Contractors located around the world. I’m honored to work with such a truly talented bunch. Even our photographer is amazing!

Large Waterfall with Wooden Bridge


Shaq’s nickname is “Superman” and one of the guys thought it’d be cool to add the Superman logo to a stacked slate sphere fountain. Notice too how old tree stumps are added to the waterfalls to help naturalize it. Such artistry!

Aquascape Stacked Slate Sphere Fountains in Waterfall


Which was a pretty clever idea since Shaq has the same emblem on the gate to his Georgia home. Here’s my boss, Greg, at the entrance. I’ve been working for him since 2002 as marketing communications manager. My blog is my side gig!

Greg Wittstock at Shaq's House


I love these sphere fountains. I’m thinking of adding one to my front yard. It comes in an easy-to-install fountain kit for those who like DIY projects. We offer a variety of fountains that you can install, or hire someone to do it for you. My daughter and I installed one at her house in three hours – just the two of us (I’ll be posting about that later).

Superman Logo in Stacked Slate Sphere Fountain


Our photographer snapped some nighttime photos of Shaquille O’Neill’s pond and waterfall too. Pond lights always make a water feature look so magical in the evening.

Large Aquascape Pond and Waterfall at Night


Fire Pit by Pond and Waterfall at Night


Fire Pit by Pond and Waterfall at Night


I hope you enjoyed seeing Shaq’s new pond and waterfall. I know it was a fun yet challenging project for our crew and I really wanted to share it with you here on my blog.

If you’re interested in learning more about ponds, waterfalls, and fountains for your own landscape, visit the Aquascape backyard ideas page.

Here’s a video of the final pond and waterfall reveal with Shaq and the pond builders. It’s worth the watch!


If you’d like to see parts of Shaquille O’Neill’s pond and waterfall construction, you can view the following videos:






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