Friday Finds #6:

Welcome to week two of hot and humid weather and another edition of Friday Finds! I think my body is acclimating to it because it doesn’t seem to bother me too much. I still go out in the garden every day and get to enjoy my flowers – like these adorable pink cone flowers. I think they’re called “strawberry cream.”

Strawberry Cream Cone Flowers - Pretty in Pink

Did I tell you that I’m trying to live without air conditioning in the house this summer? I love having the windows open after months of keeping them closed during winter. I want to feel the breezes blow, hear the birds singing, and smell the sweet scent of summer wafting through the screens.

So far I’m surviving the no AC rule even though we’ve had several 90-degree days. Fortunately it’s 60 to 70 degrees through the night and as long as I have the fan on, I can sleep comfortably. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Let’s move on to some of the more interesting things I found on the internet this week! There’s so much creativity and beauty to be found despite the virus and other things going on.

This week’s Friday finds …

Color lovers will enjoy interior designer Anita Yokota’s list of favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors demonstrated in a variety of rooms.

How about a yummy chicken recipe for your outdoor grill? I don’t eat meat but I want to make these chipotle maple chicken thighs for my hubby.

I found these adorable DIY mini raised garden beds for your patio or deck. They’d look great on a table, or even on a kitchen windowsill with herbs growing in them. They seem fairly easy to make.

Do you have white sheets on your bed? If yes, you might enjoy this 2-ingredient combo for keeping them their brightest white!

I’ll cap the week off with this amazing kitchen renovation by Daniel Kantor that includes some great before and after pictures. Wow! This is one of the best kitchen makeovers I’ve seen in a while; the room was in pretty rough shape. It comes complete with a source list.

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  1. Good morning! Our pink cone flowers have lost their petals but were so pretty. No AC? Not here It is way to hot and I hate it when wood furniture gets kind of sticky. Throw back from my childhood I think. Hope your temps stay more than bearable!

  2. Don’t think we could make it with no ac. Too spoiled. I spend as much time outside as possible but love the relief I can find when I go inside. Also here in N.C the humidity is so high I think mildew would be a problem.
    Love your blog and all the great ideas you pass along. Have a safe and relaxed ing summer.

  3. I can remember not having any air conditioning back in the 80″s, i had an attic fan i ran at night. I love those pretty pink flowers, need to pin them so i can get some for next year. That guy did a great redo on that kitchen, it was so cute when he finished. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  4. So many good ideas! I lived near you for almost 30 years, the first 6 without AC. We moved from Minnesota in June in 1972 and I thought we had moved straight to the fires of hell. Could not go back, but I truly admire you!