Front Porch Living: Waiting for Spring

The snow is gently falling outside and I find myself wishing I could spend a warm day on the front porch. I’m waiting for spring and even though the ground hog didn’t see his shadow, we still have at least two more months to go.

Blue Victorian House with Side Porch and Flower Box


For now I’ll have to find solace from photos of pretty porches with flowers and rocking chairs.

Pair of Rocking Chairs on Front Porch


The other day when it was just a bit warmer I noticed my fish were slowly swimming in the pond. I went out to watch them for a short while and noticed they were eating the string algae that’s accumulated on the rocks. I can’t wait to spend warmer afternoons by the pond.

Here’s a striking front porch with a sunny yellow door to greet you. Lots of gingerbread trim makes it that much more appealing.

Brown Victorian House with Front Porch and Yellow Front Door


Even a small porch is enjoyable when the weather warms up. Especially if you live on a quiet street and can hear the birds sing.

Red Double Front Door on Brick House


Southern porches are particularly enchanting – especially when they’re two stories tall!

Southern Two-Story Porch with American Flag


I never thought to put a shelf on the front porch but it could be kind of cute. I have a few places where one would fit. Some of my house plants could sit on it during the summer months.

Cottage Porch with White Wicker Love Seat


Honestly, I can’t complain about winter so far. It’s been fairly mild (knock on wood) and my plants are all looking really healthy which makes me happy. It’s the simple things in life that help us get by!

Blue Queen Anne Victorian Front Porch


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  1. We finally bought 2 rocking chairs for our front porch and its the best decision we have made for outside decor. My husband and I spend a lot of quality time outside sipping a cold drink and talking about our day. Great place to watch birds, read a good book,throw the ball for our lab and enjoy our garden as well as just daydream. Can’t reccomend them enough.

  2. We love our front porch and once the weather gets warm which is usually in March we are out there every day with our pups. We read, relax, and the pups soak up the sun.

  3. Porches are the best! We only have a small front entrance porch which is fun to decorate but our screened porch is a sweet place to relax. I often have friends call for an hour or two of tea and “rocking.”

  4. We have had a mild winter also but still I am yearning for a warm spring.
    We have 2 covered decks and enjoy them as much as we can.

  5. What a fun way to spend the morning, lots better than looking out my window at the clouds and rain. I have two really nice porches and love them.

  6. Even though I live in a condo I’m still blessed with two porches. One is small and covered and the other is quite large and partially covered that also faces southwest so lots of sunshine that is where I grow my vegetables in pots with great success. Both face the side and back of my condo but I still get the benefits of birds and pesky squirrels and the comings and goings of all the neighbors with their beautiful dogs. I have a rocking chair on both porches so I can enjoy all in comfort.

  7. The beautiful exterior paint colors on some of the houses that you featured are just amazing. I’ve mostly lived in subdivision homes where anything but neutral exterior colors are frowned upon. Of course, most contractor subdivision homes would not have the style and architectural beauty necessary to be able to carry off such grand and deep colors as do the victorian s;tyle homes early in your post.
    I’ve always wanted a large porch on which to relax. Still waiting.