Summer Decorating in a Farmhouse Dining Room

We’ve been having some fabulous weather here in the Midwest … enough rain for the garden and plenty of sunshine to enjoy. Of course, this means the weeds are growing like gangbusters and in order for me to get out in the garden as much as possible, I need to simplify things indoors. As part of my summer decorating routine, I’ve edited vignettes so there’s less to dust and clean.

Cottage Style Summer Decorating in the Dining RoomTo add a bit of color, I hung a vintage hankie banner onto the dining hutch.

You simply fold the hankies into a triangle and tie the ends together.


Cottage Style Dining HutchSeveral items inside the hutch were removed so all that’s left is a few simple white ironstone pieces.


Cottage Style Dining RoomOn the dining table, three African violets sit atop vintage hankies.

The new store in town carries a lot of vintage items and the hankies were hanging in the window.


African Violets for Dining Table CenterpieceAfrican violets may not be your typical summer decorating staple, but I like their simplicity.


African Violet in Altered Clay PotThey remind me of my paternal grandmother.


Summer Decorating in Farmhouse Dining RoomShe used to grow a lot of these dainty flowers in her home in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.


Painted Buffet in Cottage Dining RoomThe dining buffet has been simplified too.


Aqua Glasses for Summer DiningI found the aqua colored glasses on sale and thought they’d be a fun touch for summer dining.


White Ironstone in Farmhouse Dry SinkIn the dry sink, I swapped everything out for white ironstone pitchers.


White Ironstone Pitchers in Farmhouse Dry SinkI have enough of these white beauties that unless I see one at a really good price, I won’t be adding to my collection. I say that now … just wait until I see the next one at the flea market!


Summer Decorating in a Farmhouse Dining RoomNow that I’ve pared down and simplified my dining room decor, I’m itchin’ to get back outside.

A lot of weeds popped up in the vegetable garden the past few days.

I must be a little weird because I honestly don’t mind pulling weeds. How about you?


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  1. Your dining room looks so fresh and pretty for summer with all of your white ironstone taking center stage. Love the way you used vintage hankies on your table! Always a pleasure to visit!
    Mary Alice

  2. Everything looks so pretty! I love your vintage hankie banner. My mom will love this idea.

  3. Love the hankie banner. Your home looks so cozy. You know that’s a favorite word of mine.

  4. So pretty!
    And I love African Violets, but I don’t like pulling weeds. Ha! 🙂
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Your dining room looks so pretty and summery!!

  6. Your dining room is beautiful. I love the white pitchers. If you love pulling weeds I have a great garden for you to come to!

  7. Nice vintage hankies and clever way you hung them. No, I don’t like pulling weeds, so I wish I were you.

  8. Just Cats says:

    It is so pretty. I love the violets on the table and they look gorgeous in the pots you chose. Your dining-room is so welcoming and draws you in to sit awhile and of course, have tea. 🙂 Deb

  9. Your african violets look really sweet on your table and the hankies were a great idea. I love your idea of simplifying especially since dusting is my least favorite chore!

  10. Luv the simplicity of the ironstone pieces. But no, I am not a fan of pulling weeds 😀

  11. This is just beautiful!!!! I love the white pitchers together for such a pretty statement. I always love seeing your amazing home!
    hugs from here…

  12. Very pretty……love the hankies and the pretty glasses.

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