Decorating with Lilacs and White Ironstone

The day I've been patiently waiting for has finally arrived! The lilac bushes are blooming and that means I can bring these delicate beauties indoors to fill our living space with their sweet fragrance. Decorating with lilacs is so easy to do because they are perhaps the easiest of flowers to arrange. Lilacs naturally spill over in a large enamelware pot. I didn't even arrange this grouping of lilacs. I took an enamel pot of water outside with … [Read more...]

Getting an Early Start on Planting Flowers

I confess. I can't take it anymore! We had a bit of balmy weather through Easter weekend but winter is dragging its frosty heels on its way out the door. The temps dropped after our brief "warm" spell (and it wasn't all that warm to begin with).  I'm telling myself that since spring has been reticent to cooperate, it means we'll have a wonderful summer. Yesterday I broke down and visited the green house and left with an armful of flowers and … [Read more...]

My Farmhouse Porch is Anxious for Spring

A light snow is falling today and my soul yearns for spring.  I miss the smell of fresh dirt and newly mowed lawns. I want to see green leaves sprouting on the trees and colorful pops of flowers in the garden. Hubby and I have deemed this summer as the season of working on the outside of the house. We plan to paint the exterior and add some new landscaping ... maybe install a new patio too. But the weather has to warm up first. Yesterday hovered … [Read more...]

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