My Farmhouse Porch is Anxious for Spring

A light snow is falling today and my soul yearns for spring.  I miss the smell of fresh dirt and newly mowed lawns. I want to see green leaves sprouting on the trees and colorful pops of flowers in the garden. Hubby and I have deemed this summer as the season of working on the outside of the house. We plan to paint the exterior and add some new landscaping … maybe install a new patio too. But the weather has to warm up first. Yesterday hovered at 40 degrees so I spent a little time primping the front porch.

Farmhouse PorchThe porch is cozy and a little shabby looking right now until it gets its paint job this summer.


Farmhouse Paint ColorsThe exterior siding will remain yellow, but I might go a shade lighter. I am however, reconsidering the trim colors. I’d like to change out the red and green with other colors.


Shabby White Porch ChairEven though it takes longer to paint, I’m definitely keeping a two-tone look for the windows.


Two Tone Painted WindowsWhen I purchased this house the siding was pink! Yes, pink. The trim color on this window is called Candle.


American Farmhouse PorchAnd the green is called Blade. This green door leads into our family room but you can’t open it. Whoever lived here previously sealed it shut. It seems weird to me that two doors are right next together on the porch, but I’m sure there was a good reason for this. If you know why … I would love for you to let me know in the comments section below.


Old Victorian MirrorJust for fun I hung this aged mirror on the door. I love unexpected touches in the home and who would expect to see a mirror on the porch? Now someone can check their look before knocking on the door.


Farmhouse Front Door

I added some spring touches to the front door.  Baskets of greens and flowers.


Wooden Star with Easter EggA rustic wooden star adorned with an Easter bunny hangs here in lieu of a wreath.


Pink KalanchoePink Kalanchoe was moved from inside the house to the porch … just the for the day though.


Front Porch SwingThis rustic porch swing is my favorite place to sit outside and read or enjoy a cup of coffee.


Shabby Front Porch SwingEven on days with a light rain falling, I can sit out here and be protected from the weather.  In the winter, I miss sitting out here listening to the birds and reading a good book … or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening.


Old French BookConfession – I don’t read French. I took it in college but haven’t studied it since. I just like the color of the book! If you like the French burlap rooster pillow, you can find one like it online at The Farmhouse Decor Shop.


Blue Atlas JarThe blue Atlas jar was a flea market find and it fit perfectly into this wall holder that I found at a garage sale.


Eucalyptus WreathA quaint eucalyptus wreath hangs by a grosgrain ribbon.


Farmhouse porch decorFor now it’s nice to add simple touches to the front porch until spring arrives in full force.


Farmhouse Front PorchEven Trixie thinks the porch is looking a bit better with a few touches of spring.  Luckily, the snow has stopped falling and the temperatures are supposed to get warmer, but not until a little later in the week. For now, I’ll find solace in the random, sunny, warm days that squeeze in between the frosty winds of March.

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  1. The porch certainly looks warm and inviting. Cold here, too after a few spring like days. They will be back soon.

  2. Your porch looks so sweet and comfy, I would love to sit out there with you and visit and talk about our homes and decorating! I may need it to be a little warmer than 40 though! : )

  3. Your porch looks really pretty. Could your home have once been a duplex?
    When there are two doors together like that it’s often a duplex.
    Have a great week. Blessings…. Becky

  4. Oh, my I think you porch is lovely. I feel spring in the yellow and love the pink trimmings and door. I painted my door pink once when I was doing Mary Kay. Now, I’m doing it again, but my door is black. I’m working on a church pew that was in the church my daddy started 60 years ago. The pew was a newer pew. Would love to have the pews from the early church. OH my! Back to your porch. Of course, the mason jar. Oh it’s just all great! I’ll share my pew/bench when I’m done.

  5. Your porch looks so warm and inviting. Can you believe where I live we are to get 6-10 inches of snow!!! It is to start early morning and not stop till late Monday. The weather forcasters have been wrong in the past, I’m praying they are way wrong. I am so ready for spring.

    I could be way wrong but I believe you may have two doors close to each other because back in the day you went in one and out the other. I heard or read that somewhere. I wish I had a front porch. I have what I call a stoop that you can’t so much with. I live in the country and the builder decides to give us a cement stoop. Go figure. Your porch is just lovely.

  6. Love it all. I so wish we had a front porch! I swear my next house, wherever it may be, will have that porch! I know what you mean about our weather these days. I can’t wait for the wamer weather, either.

  7. Your porch is very homey and inviting, love all the sweet touches!!!

    Do both doors open on to the same room?? Is it in Amish country?? Sometimes the doors were meant one for men and one for women. Also, one door would have been used for a funeral or other formal occasion while the other door was meant for every day. A long time ago before people could afford a funeral home, the wake and receiving of guests was held at the home and people would go in one door and leave by another. Hope that helps!!!

  8. I love your house and your porch is so charming and inviting!
    We are still in winter here too and it is making me crazy!
    Enough already!
    We have piles and piles of snow to melt.
    I also love the yellow siding, just can’t beat that, it’s perfect!

  9. Your porch already looks so friendly and inviting with your touches of spring! We’ve had more snow in March here than we had all winter. What’s up with that??
    Mary Alice

  10. Me and your porch both!


  11. How I love everything about your home, the outside as well as the inside. That porch must be such a fantastic and cosy place to sit. The mere fact that your house is a wooden house makes it so much more cosy than all the houses around here. You just don’t see wooden houses around here, we only know them from american movies and now from blogs of course. They all have so much more cosiness about them than any brick house could ever have. And we don’t have porches here either! I’ve always loved that. I remember as a little child I once saw a picture in a magazine of a house with a porch and I loved that picture, kept it for ages, looking at it, I didn’t know at that time that it was called a porch but I just loved it, there was a rocking chair standing on it and it looked so very cosy, just like your porch!

  12. Your porch looks so Springy, Jennifer! I am sitting in my sunroom this morning with my coffee while snow is falling outside. After almost 50 degrees on Saturday {I had a great 2 1/4 mile walk}, we are expected to finish this storm with 6 inches. I think it’s a horrible start to Spring when you have a “Winter” Storm Warning flashing across the television screen.

  13. I love your porch. So sweet and cozy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lovely. I’m so ready for spring! We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground since last night and it is still coming down. Not my idea of spring.
    The doors are just a character of old houses I think 🙂 We had a room in our 100+ year old house that had 5 doors in it. 2 to the outside and 3 to the inside. We closed off one oustide door and 2 inside doors and the one window. it was a rather large room and we put a wall down the middle and made it a bathroom and laundry room. I am hoping the laundry room gets finished this year so I can share the finished look 🙂

  15. Your porch looks so inviting! I love it!! (Your cat is adorable, too!)
    I’m inspired to get my porch all spruced up for spring.
    Have a great day! (stopping by from ModVintage LIfe)

  16. I am so ready for porch sitting! We have a foot of snow thanks to a storm over the weekend. My front door is the same color pink! And at my Grandparents house that I refer to as 1515, there are 2 front doors on the porch, one goes to the living room and the other a hall. Everyone always wants to know..”why is there 2 doors?” I don’t know either!

  17. What a pretty porch! Kuddos to you for primping in the cold 🙂 Love your rooster pillow. All you need are warmer temps and a glass of iced tea to have a perfect haven.

  18. I dream to have a wooden porch. Yours is just gorgeous.

  19. You have so many sweet touched on your pretty porch, Trixie included! I would be so comfy out here, morning, noon or night, enjoying the fresh air and looking at all the cute touches you have. I love the yellow paint, our lakehouse is very similar, it’s warm and sunny. And the trim colors are perfect. Any new color choices in mind? Love what a nice space you have made!


  20. Your porch is lovely. Cats always know where beautiful places are! About the two doors: I believe one is for the husband to come in and the other to get the lover out… The husband noticed and got the door sealed! I guess this a very French “vaudeville” explanation and the historical explanations in the comments above are more accurate and interesting! But mine is funnier!

  21. Darling porch area:) Your weather is warmer than ours we are still in the 20’s and low 30’s. I am so over it too. We also plan on stripping our house and re staining it this summer and I will finally do the landscaping. Will need the temps to go up drastically to get it all accomplished.

  22. Oh your porch looks so pretty Jennifer! I need to get outside and attend to mine.Just have not felt like doing it with this cold gloomy weather.I love the photo bomb shot of Trixie!

  23. Is your house old? Before homes had indoor plumbing, they often put two doors (main front door and one in the bedroom) so that if you had to get up and go to the outhouse at night you wouldn’t have to walk through the house and wake sleeping family members. Don’t know if thats the case with your house but I did read that somewhere.

  24. I love your front porch Jennifer. It is sweetly decorated and the swing would be a wonderful spot to sit and read or watch the neighbours go by. If you get spring weather soon that means it might be heading toward us too. Here’s hoping! Have a great week. Hugs, Pamela

  25. The porch looks really cute. I am right there with you on wanting Spring and the smells and the warmth that comes with that. Have a great Easter.

  26. What a lovely porch Jennifer.
    Sometimes an extra door on homes of this era were used as a funeral door, but I don’t know if that is relevant to your area Jennifer.

  27. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that basket hanging on the window. I think I need to find something for my front window. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Your porch is so inviting. I love all the touches of vintage. Can’t wait to see it painted!

  29. Love your porch, so pretty!!

  30. Your porch is adorable. Love that swing and the canning jar on the wall us too cute. You’re making me want to run out and shovel the snow off my porch!

  31. Your porch is GORGEOUS! Want to re-do mine?

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly

  32. I love the swing and the pillows. I have been wanting to put a little something extra on mine because we have a wrap around and I think I will have to look at this idea! Super cute. Never thought of pillows on the rockers either. New follower from Savvy Southern Style.

  33. You’re porch is so cute! I love the mirror on the door! ~~Angela

  34. Very nice and inviting 🙂 I’d like to sit down and read a book! Easter greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  35. Your porch is beautiful! Seeing all your spring touches makes me want to spruce mine up a bit.
    My grandmother’s porch had doors just like yours, but I have no idea why. One opened into her bedroom, and I was always
    afraid to sleep in there because of that!

  36. Di @ Musings says:

    Love porches, and yours is really sweet. Pinning to my Porch Style board. ~di @ Musings

  37. Linsey @ Farmhouse Porch says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! What a BEAUTY! Love this porch, so cheery!

    Must pin it!!

    I hope you’ll come back to the Farmhouse Porch and link this up at my linky party this Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment♥


  38. Your front porch ideas are lovely. I will be glad when warmer weather gets here and we can be outdoors. Our front porch needs some decorations and spiffing up badly! Would love a swing! Have a nice Easter! Nancy

  39. What a charming and lovely porch! I love everything from the flowers, to the lovely blue French book on the swing…lol. You’ve created a very warm and welcoming place that’s all ready for spring!

    I hope you will come share this beautiful porch-scape at my link party, the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! (Ole! Haha!) It is open now through Sunday at 8pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Hope you have a GREAT Easter Weekend!!!

  40. Darling! It looks like you set your book down to go in for some lemonaide! Wonderful touches ~ Love the bunny star.
    I’m visiting you today from Common Ground. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Spring JOY Frame ~ Printable

  41. You have an adorable country shabby place here. I love it. It is my kind of place. We live in a rural community also. Lots of animals around, and spring has definitely arrived. I am a new follower here.

  42. Love reading all the ideas on why there are two doors! I thought perhaps it was for air circulation back when there was no air conditioning … can you tell I live in Texas where we get swelteringly hot summers? 🙂

  43. Pam Volkl says:

    Hi Jennifer, your pictures are great and I love all your touches. I think everyone should have a front porch AND a front porch swing. They are wonderful things! I live in an old house too. I was told the reason for the two entrance doors was primarily for “Sunday visitors.” The entrance the visitors would use would invite them into the “parlor” which was kept clean and everything in its place, whereas the rest of the house could be a bit more “lived in.” Also, this room could be used for a wake as the one comment said above. For everyday purposes tho, it was the room where guests were permitted and entertained.
    Keep up the great work and keep posting!!!

  44. I really envy you for your porch and swing… I have always dreamed of having a country home with the deck and the swing and living the easy life.. but as grew older realized it’s not the easy life.. but would love to still have that porch and swing to read and dream.. you have done a great job… love it…

  45. Love your shade of yellow- what is the name of that shade! I’ve been looking for the perfect yellow

  46. Looking for the perfect shade of yellow for
    Our house! What is this shade called and
    which brand of paint? Thanks!!

  47. Hi! Curious about what color yellow you chose for this cute home. I’m also curious if you repainted in 2013 or 14. Anne

  48. I recently read about an old house that had 2 entrance doors on their porch too and the explanation was that one was for company to use leading into the parlor and the other for the family to all use that lead into the kitchen. This makes sense as in the olden days the parlor was for company only you didn’t dare sit in there. Furniture was slip covered when not in use. I would be interested to see a floor plan sketch of your house someday as I did wonder if this second door lead to the kitchen. In this article you say into the family room but 140 yrs ago they didn’t have family rooms so I wonder if the original kitchen was thru that door? Kitchens were usually close to a door as they had to haul in firewood for the stove and 140 yrs ago likely water too?? Do you think your house was added onto and the kitchen moved? Or was it built that big 140 yrs ago in the day of wood heat in the winter? Houses tended to be smaller or have fireplaces and stoves in a lot of the rooms do you see skeletons of chimney holes?. Maybe it was a sitting room for the family after all. Do you ever speculate on what your house would have looked like back then? I.E. before bathrooms and running water and just 2′ wide closets or no closets as they were often taxed as a separate room so just armoires? It is fun to think back on the history of old houses and yours has lots of character and would be fun to hear your speculation on this!

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