Live Creatively Inspired

It's funny how one day life is going along as it normally would, and then the next day the scenery of your world changes! I'm sure we've all experienced this in our life's journey ... giving birth to a child for example. One day life is peaceful and you go through your daily routine and then BAM ... you give birth to a baby and the whole world is turned upside down. Before any rumors get started, I'm not having a baby! Mother Nature has already … [Read more...]

Our Little Kitten Albie Grows Up

Pets provide such joy and companionship, and when they leave us it's never easy. I've had pets throughout my life. Some get sick and pass on before their time. Others stay with you for many years. Recently Donna at Funky Junk Interiors lost her beautiful black cat, Teddy. In honor of Teddy, she's hosting a blog link party in honor of pets. So in remembrance of Teddy and all our pets that bring us joy, I decided to share photos of the newest … [Read more...]

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