Our Little Kitten Albie Grows Up

Pets provide such joy and companionship, and when they leave us it’s never easy. I’ve had pets throughout my life. Some get sick and pass on before their time. Others stay with you for many years. Recently Donna at Funky Junk Interiors lost her beautiful black cat, Teddy. In honor of Teddy, she’s hosting a blog link party in honor of pets. So in remembrance of Teddy and all our pets that bring us joy, I decided to share photos of the newest addition to our family … Little Albie.

Gray KittenHere’s Little Albie several weeks after we found him. He’s a stray and when we brought him inside we had to feed him with a bottle. And yes, they do make Kitten Formula and little kitten bottles! His blue eyes changed color as he got bigger.


Gray Tabby CatHere’s Albie today. He’s such a doll and we’re so glad he showed up on our doorstep.


Gray Tabby CatBut don’t let his precious face fool you. He has a few bad habits.


Gray Tabby CatHe likes to climb curtains and chew plants. Albie will also jump up on your shoulder when you’re not looking. Totally freaks me out when he does that!


Gray Tabby CatHe constantly tries to sneak outside. When my hubby opens the door, Albie will jump up on his pant leg and attach himself … as though he just has to hang on for the ride and he’ll make it outdoors.


Tabby CatTaffy isn’t so sure about Little Albie.  As long as he doesn’t take Taffy’s place next to me on the couch, I think she’ll adjust. Taffy was a stray too, but she was full grown when we took her in. I’m a sucker for strays!


Orange Tabby CatSay hello to Franklin! He’s my daughter’s cat and she wanted me to take pictures of him. He doesn’t live with us but we watched him while she and her new hubby went on their honeymoon.


Orange Tabby CatHe’s a good boy. We’ve had a couple dogs in years past, but I’m more of a cat person. I like their independent, curious nature. How about you? Are you a dog or a cat person?  Or maybe you have reptiles instead!

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  1. There is no doubt I am a cat-person although one of the biggest loves of my life is our sheltie, Kane. Your cats are gorgeous, love the eyes. Our Audrey was a bit of a curtain climber too but she soon grew out of it. Hopefully Albie will, too. Deb

  2. Oh Albie is soooo handsome! Two of my cats jump on my shoulder too… Most times I am ready for it, but on the odd occasion, they take me by surprise! Even though I have had both dogs and cats (and fish, birds, bunnies, a gecko…) I will always be a “cat person” at heart. Taffy sure is a sweetie, and I love how cute Franklin is sitting! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment… So glad to have found you and your dear fur babies!

  3. What cutie pies!!! I am definitely a cat person, however we had a great dog who lived to be 17 and was a sweetheart, but I was younger then and walked her all the time!!! My big black cat, Sam, passed in December, broke my heart, he was 15 and my constant companion. He visits me in my dreams and could swear I see him scooting around during the day!!!

  4. Definitely not reptiles! We had a dog for fifteen years and we loved him but we’re happy with our kitty for now. Cats are a lot less work than dogs, I think. Beautiful photos, Jennifer!

  5. I so enjoyed this post with the kitties! i am a cat person as well. Your Albie looks a little like my Smokey who was with us for 16 years, although his eyes were blue. I was heart broken when he passed. We had 1 other cat before the current one, Norton – he came out of the storm sewer in front of our house and adopted us. Remember Ed Norton of the Honeymooners who worked in a sewer??? Hah – that’s how our Norton got his name…Thank you for sharing pics and personalities on both your cats and your daughter’s. Made my day.

  6. Sweet kitties Jennifer. I’m not a cat person at all for the very reason that Albie portrays. 🙂 They frighten me and I don’t like the claws. I am a dog lover although we don’t have one now. I visit our old dog at our son’s along with his 2 other dogs. That’s good enough for me for now. I enjoy my freedom and I know cats can bring more freedom with their independence, but we are away for a week or two at a time by times so it’s a nuisance. Hence our dog being at our son’s now. Have a great weekend. Pamela

  7. Jennifer,
    How adorable your furry little family is. I have dogs too but these little sweeties have the cutest faces. Love this post.

  8. Albie,Franklin and Taffy are all beautiful sweet cats <3 .Animals are such a blessing and wonderful companions.Beautiful photos too Jennifer!

  9. Your little cats looks so sweet.

    My son dropped off his two cats with him last summer. Our dog, which we think the cats refer to as “The Beast” has learned to tolerate them. Our biggest fear is that our sweet dog, who will be 14 this week, is on her last legs. We walk her every morning on the beach and are dreading the time when she can’t walk with us, or worse, is no longer there to walk with us.

  10. Jennifer…your babies are adorable! Your daughter’s too! I’m pretty sure I’d call myself a dog person…although I love cats too…I have three of them…and mine are all strays also..my dogs are rescues as well…I love your site…and I’m so glad you found your way over to one of my sites! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy

  11. Hi Jen! I’m definitely a cat person! Ilike very much that they feel an equal… their independence and their loyalty!!! My Cleo pass out last February, I miss her so much!!! Kisses!