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It’s funny how one day life is going along as it normally would, and then the next day the scenery of your world changes! I’m sure we’ve all experienced this in our life’s journey … giving birth to a child for example. One day life is peaceful and you go through your daily routine and then BAM … you give birth to a baby and the whole world is turned upside down. Before any rumors get started, I’m not having a baby! Mother Nature has already taken care of that possibility. No … I’m talking about my new venture at Live Creatively Inspired.

Live Creatively Inspired Blog's Creative TeamLive Creatively Inspired is a site where 4 bloggers share home decor, garden projects, recipes, and more.

The creative team consists of:

Tammy at Deja Vue Designs

Sharon at Mrs. Hines Class

Barb at The Everyday Home

And little ole me!

. I’ll still be blogging here at Town and Country Living (this is my baby after all), but once a week on Tuesdays I’ll also be blogging over at Live Creatively Inspired. I’m excited about this new venture with these talented ladies.

You’ll enjoy a variety of tips and tricks for living creatively and living inspired. Here’s just a sampling …


Dining Room at The Everyday Home blog www.everdayhomeblog.comBarb shared her obsession with clipping grapevines and making beautiful arrangements in her dining room.


Mrs Hines Cat in Bedroom - Sharon shared a cute story about her daughter’s cat Blackie … or was it Eric? Read the post and find out!


Sauteed-Cabbage-and-roasted-red-peppers http://www.dejavuedesigns.comThis yummy dish of Sauteed Cabbage and Roasted Red Peppers was shared by Tammy, which she beautifully garnished with Nasturtiums. I’m a vegetarian so this dish really appealed to me!


Simple Tips for Arranging FlowersAnd finally, I shared simple tips for arranging flowers. You can never have too many flowers!

I’m excited about being part of the creative team at Live Creatively Inspired! It’s such a wonderful group of women, and from time to time there will be guest contributors who share there, too.

Live Creatively Inspired -

Hope you visit me over there on Tuesdays … and of course, visit the other ladies throughout the week!

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  1. Jennifer, we are elated to have you. You are gonna just make our site wonderful!! Welcome Welcome! ~Tammy

  2. If you had told me when I first found your blog, and become such a huge Town and Country fan, that we’d be collaborating together, i’d never had believed. I’m so glad that we are sharing the scenery!

  3. Sweet! Love your blog Jennifer, can’t wait to see what you all share on the new one!


  4. Wow Jennifer congrats. You will give so much inspiration on this new venture. I can’t wait to see how this goes for you. How exciting.

  5. Congratulations on the new venture! Whatever you do, it will be great.

  6. Botanic Bleu says

    Looking forward to seeing all the great things you ladies write about on Tuesdays at Live Creatively Inspired…I read Barb’s contribution already, and it is great!


  7. congrats to you, jennifer! you’ll be a wonderful addition with your soft, pretty style:) happy weekend!

  8. So happy for you Jennifer! You are in good company!

  9. Good for you!!! I am looking forward to all you share.


  10. How exciting! Can’t wait to see what you talented ladies do next!

  11. I just came back to blogging and I found your site through the linky party of My Romantic Home. I love your blog and your home and your story and now this new adventure. My friend I am just excited to see where this will lead you because I am sure it will only inspire me. My congratulations to you.

  12. This sounds like fun Jennifer. I’ll be popping by to see what you are doing. Have fun! Blessings, Pamela

  13. How exciting!

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