See My Home Featured at Southern Hospitality!

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I recently started a Charming Home Series where I feature different types of homes every Sunday, each with their own unique and charming style. Well, it just so happens that today my home is the one being featured ... over at Southern Hospitality! It's such an honor to have Rhoda feature my humble farmhouse on her blog.   Hope you'll head on over to Southern Hospitality today to see my … [Read more...]

Join Me for an Escape to the Country

One of my favorite ways to unwind and get away from it all is to escape to the country. Lucky for me, we live on the fringe of the Chicago suburbs so it doesn't take long for my little red Yaris to reach the rolling farm fields. But what I love most is walking or running down these country roads, many of which are dirt or gravel. Often I'll drive to a scenic location, park my car, and go for a run from there. It allows me a chance to enjoy new … [Read more...]

Summer Inspiration Decor in the Kitchen

When I think of summer I think of time spent outdoors and summer fresh food like fruits, vegetables and a plethora of summer salads. When I'm not outside, I'm spending summer days in the kitchen canning tomatoes, making potato salad, cutting up watermelon, and more. I like to keep my kitchen bright and airy through the warmer months of the year. My Summer Inspiration Decor always involves bringing flowers from the garden into my farmhouse. I've … [Read more...]

Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips

The two biggest decorating seasons in our country home are Christmas and Summer.  Christmas is an obvious choice, and since summer is the time when I can bring flowers in from the yard, it ranks right up there with our favorite December holiday. Farmhouse decorating is really quite easy because the style is unpretentious, economical, and rather simple. Won't you join me on a tour of a few rooms in my home while I share a few summer farmhouse … [Read more...]

A French Lamb Sign for My Farmhouse Kitchen

For the longest time I've been on the hunt for a cow picture for the kitchen. Since I want to keep a farmhouse feel in this part of the house, what better way to accomplish this than with a farm animal? I found lots of beautiful cow paintings for hundreds of dollars but as usual, I was looking for a bargain ... and I found one!  But when given the option of choosing a cow, lamb or pig ... in the end I opted for the lamb. The lamb picture has … [Read more...]

My Farmhouse Porch is Anxious for Spring

A light snow is falling today and my soul yearns for spring.  I miss the smell of fresh dirt and newly mowed lawns. I want to see green leaves sprouting on the trees and colorful pops of flowers in the garden. Hubby and I have deemed this summer as the season of working on the outside of the house. We plan to paint the exterior and add some new landscaping ... maybe install a new patio too. But the weather has to warm up first. Yesterday hovered … [Read more...]

My Experience Being Published in an Italian Decor Magazine

Less than 2 months ago I received an email from Annarita Triarico, an Italian journalist working for Lotus Publishing. She wanted to feature my home in one of their magazines, "Gli Speciali di Casa Chic."  At first I thought it was a joke, but I looked at their publishing site and realized it was a legitimate request. Unfortunately, this magazine is not for sale in the United States, but I'll receive several hard copies of my own. As you'll see … [Read more...]

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