Join Me for an Escape to the Country

One of my favorite ways to unwind and get away from it all is to escape to the country. Lucky for me, we live on the fringe of the Chicago suburbs so it doesn’t take long for my little red Yaris to reach the rolling farm fields. But what I love most is walking or running down these country roads, many of which are dirt or gravel. Often I’ll drive to a scenic location, park my car, and go for a run from there. It allows me a chance to enjoy new country scenery. We don’t have hills to hike outside of Chicago, but we do have beautiful scenes from the prairie.

Rustic Red Barn via Town and Country LivingAn ample supply of beautiful red barns that portray an earthy life of growing produce and being close to nature dot the country lanes. I love the big red ones the best.


Red Toyota Yaris on a Country RoadHere’s my little red Yaris on a country gravel road less than 5 miles from home.  I love it out here!


Rustic Barn in Illinois via Town and Country LivingYou never know what you’ll find around the next corner, like this falling-down rustic barn. So much to see and enjoy as I’m running … and when you’re training for a long race, scenery is important to making the time go by faster.


Rustic Barn via Town and Country LivingWhen I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll sometimes poke my head in a door or window of a barn. It gives me a chance to rest and stretch my legs a bit before continuing on my journey.


White Farmhouse via Town and Country LivingA white farmhouse with a welcoming porch oozes charm and country living.  To help pass the time, I think about how the people in these classic farm houses live their lives.


Rustic Barn in Illinois via Town and Country LivingAnother rustic barn waits around the bend. I love the vines winding their way through the openings.


Cement Corn Crib in Illinois via Town and Country LivingAn old cement corn crib is no longer in use but brings a smile to my face. I love old farm buildings and this one doesn’t disappoint.


Wheat field in Illinois via Town and Country LivingThe wheat gently blows in the wind and the fresh air always makes me glad for this quick escape to the country.  It keeps me energized, breathing in the fresh country air.


Sunset over an Illinois wheat field via Town and Country LivingThe sun begins to set over the farm fields and takes my breath away. I love watching the sun rise or set when I’m out getting my daily run or walk. It’s the perfect way to start or end any day.


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  1. What lovely, lovely images! I love barns and anything country. There is just such a sweet simplicity in the country homes, roads, etc. Beautiful post!


  2. Old barns, country roads, and farm fields are comfort visions much like home-cooked meals are comfort food. You can just feel the body relax and the pace slow as you wander along country roads. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.


  3. I think maybe that “corn crib” is a silo — corn cribs were smaller and shaped differently. My grandparents were farmers and I remember visiting their farm (ahem) many decades ago.