Getting an Early Start on Planting Flowers

I confess. I can't take it anymore! We had a bit of balmy weather through Easter weekend but winter is dragging its frosty heels on its way out the door. The temps dropped after our brief "warm" spell (and it wasn't all that warm to begin with).  I'm telling myself that since spring has been reticent to cooperate, it means we'll have a wonderful summer. Yesterday I broke down and visited the green house and left with an armful of flowers and … [Read more...]

Easter Signals the Hope and Joy of Spring

Daffodils are peaking through the dirt while small piles of snow still dot the landscape here in Illinois. I grow impatient for spring and warmer weather. Last year we were blessed with an unusually warm spring and I was hoping for the same this year, but no such luck. But since it's Easter season I will attempt to remain patient. How can I complain about the weather when there are people in this world who are hungry, poor, and lonely? Instead, … [Read more...]

Spring Tiptoes through the Living Room

While we were getting 10 inches of snow outside, I was fluffing the living room with a few touches of spring. The longer days are cheering my spirits despite the fact that Old Man Winter is hangin' on for dear life. I brought in a few greens and changed the arrangement on the shelf above the loveseat. Look closely and you'll see our precious Puddy lurking in the dining room. He's our rescue kitty and he's been such a good little boy. We found … [Read more...]

Creating a Green Environment to Fight Cabin Fever

January through March are my least favorite months of the year and once March rolls around, I start to get a little stir crazy. Even though I work in a beautiful LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building 5 days out of the week and even though I run outside on a regular basis, I still get cabin fever. Bringing plants and flowers into the house helps lift my spirits, and I think it creates a healthy living space, … [Read more...]

Beating the Winter Blues with a Little Pink

The months of January through March are always hard for me. I'm not a winter person and I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I find myself craving longer days, natural light, and warmth. Thankfully the days are getting longer but it's still cold and snowy here in Illinois. By March I'm ready to be done with Old Man Winter once and for all. To help beat the winter blues I like to bring in lots of fresh flowers and pink ones are always … [Read more...]

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