Beating the Winter Blues with a Little Pink

The months of January through March are always hard for me. I’m not a winter person and I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I find myself craving longer days, natural light, and warmth. Thankfully the days are getting longer but it’s still cold and snowy here in Illinois. By March I’m ready to be done with Old Man Winter once and for all. To help beat the winter blues I like to bring in lots of fresh flowers and pink ones are always a favorite.

Pink CarnationsI tucked these grocery store carnations in a blue Ball Mason jar.

Pink Carnations in Mason JarI purchased a festive new table cloth from The Ruffled Nest. It reminds me of a Swedish style textile.

Pink CarnationsThe soft pastels put me in the mood to decorate for Easter. I’ve always loved the colors of Easter and used them to decorate both my daughters’ bedrooms when they were little. Stephanie’s room was yellow and lavender, and Bridget’s room was pink and blue.

Pink CarnationsNow my daughters are grown and married and I miss when they were little. Being a mom is the best job I’ve ever had. In addition to the two girls, I also have a son. Cory just graduated from college and I’m so grateful he had two job offers before he graduated.

Cupcake and CarnationWhen the winter blues start to settle in, I try to count my blessings and enjoy the simple things in life, like a petite chocolate cupcake with pretty pink frosting, served beside dainty pink carnations.

Chocolate Cupcake with Pink FrostingJust for the record, these are store bought cupcakes. Normally I would bake them from scratch, but I was busy cooking up other stuff this weekend, which I’ll reveal in my next post later this week. For some reason, cooking seems to help me beat the winter blues.

Spring Table SettingI love the way the sunlight streams through the window in the dining room. This is such a cheerful room for me so it’s no surprise that I take a lot of photos in here during the winter months.

Spring Table SettingFor you winter lovers, what do you enjoy about the winter months? Does it make you feel cozy? Do you like the frosty snow? Do you enjoy winter sports like skating and skiing?

Cupcakes and CarnationsDo the winter months motivate you to get more nesting activities completed inside your home?

Pink carnations and aqua bottlesI’ve been using this time to plan our outdoor projects for the house. The exterior needs to be painted, and I’d like to add an arbor somewhere in the yard. I’d like to add a new shed too, but we’ll see.

Pink CarnationsPlanting lots of flowers in the garden is always a priority. My favorite outdoor flower is impatiens. They’re so colorful and dainty. And they’re so easy to grow! They love the shade and we have tons of shade due to the big trees on the property. I love to plant hanging baskets full of them!

Pink CarnationsThese carnations were really boosting my spirits so I took a lot of pictures. Hopefully they’re cheering you, too.

Spring Table SettingSpring will be here soon … maybe not soon enough but until then, I’ll enjoy the carnations.

Pink Carnations and CupcakesHow about you? Do you bring fresh flowers into the house when you’re itching for spring to arrive? If you need a little help arranging flowers, read my post about easy tips for arranging fresh flowers.

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  1. Just seeing your beautiful pink carnations helped me! Yes here in IL we have snow with more on the way, I love snow but late in the winter I am done with it. Soon we will be picking daffodils and tulips from our gardens.

  2. This post is just what I needed tonight! I too suffer from SAD. It has been cloudy and cold and snowy for days here. Your post with the beautiful aqua’s, pinks and bunnies reminds me that it really is just around the corner 🙂 Your pictures are so pretty and refreshing! I would love to plant a cottage garden here this summer. I am hoping to at least do a little of it. My yard needs a LOT of work!! But it is something to look forward to. I spring comes soon for us all 🙂
    Big hugs,

  3. I also have problems in winter. Losing our dog last month made it especially hard. Losing him at any time would be awful (our dogs are like our kids to us), but having cabin fever certainly didn’t help matters at all! I am so over winter! ut it was sunny out for once and I took a trip to the beach. (pictures on my blog). Well what beach there is covered in Wisconsin snow! Never went in winter before and the two beaches I went to were Beautiful! I do usually buy some flowers in winter. They bring in instant color. They make me smile. In summer we have HUGE flowerbeds, so I have a lot to chose from. Winter flowers are really special though. Can’t just walk outside and pick what you want. lol. Plus like I said….COLOR in winter is always good. I love your sunny room! You decorated it so pretty. The sunlight just shines in that room. Have a great day, Teresa

  4. Oh so beautiful looks like photos from a magazine fantastic ! I love pink Carnations . I to can suffer from SAD especially when there are more gloomy days then sunny ones . I have my photography of nature and landscapes I take through out the winter months that keeps me going till spring photo ops begin ! Thanks for sharing your pretty pinkness with us ! Have a good evening !

  5. What I love about winter is cooking comfort food like chicken and dumplings, soups and stews, and baking bread, cookies and cupcakes. And wearing woolies. And cuddling up under quilts to read. This winter has made me chubby lol! I’m working hard to get back on track and not seeing great results so am feeling a bit discouraged. Your post is sunny and cheerful, so thanks – it’s much appreciated!

  6. I agree with you on bringing pretty flowers in for a winter pick-me-up. Your bouquet of carnations and baby’s breath are so pretty i the blue mason jar. I love your table cloth too. I am thinking about what to plant in my gardens and some major projects that I doubt will get done but it’s always good to dream. We have a lot of trees on our property line and the yard is small. I want to have many of these trees removed as they are shading the whole yard and house too. They are firs and pines and not pretty. That’s one of the big projects and my hubby likes trees. I do plant a lot of impatiens now because of the shade. Beautiful photos today. Nice and cheery. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Those pink carnations look amazing in the blue jars!

  8. Oh Jennifer! Seeing your kitchen table – in that beautiful sunlight – was like a breath of fresh spring air!! Just beautiful! It all look fabulous with your new Swedish inspired tablecloth. I can’t imagine ANY week without my dose of roses scattered throughout the house. Yes, it’s a slight splurge out of the grocery allowance, but I’d rather give up something I want to eat than to go without roses. lol And YES….I am SO ready for spring! I thought we may have another decent winter like last year, but this month has been brutal. But I do find myself getting alot of things done inside during these cold, snow days….while dreaming about vacation. lol

    xoxo laurie

  9. I love your table Jennifer! So bright and cheery! Just what a gal needs in the middle of the winter doldrums.

  10. Beautiful!! Your table looks so charming – definitely helps with the winter blues!! Thanks for a bright spot amid the snow.

  11. I love to ski, but I can’t imagine living in the snow. As a southern Californian born and bred, it is hard for me to picture a world where it is cold much of the time. I crave sun and flowers and warmth. It just makes me happy to have fresh flowers on the table. Right now there are a few daisies from the garden – not much in bloom right now.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tablecloth.

  12. I don’t have a problem with winter, and I live in upstate New York, winter goes on for a looooooong time!!! The bare trees and shrubs are so beautiful without the foliage, I love the structure of the branches, and you can now see all the nests that have been hiding!!! The cold is refreshing and clean, love the smell of new fallen snow, the bright stars at night, the crispness of the air……..its my second favorite season, Fall being my very favorite. Keeping busy and getting out fends off the blues……cooking and baking are favorite passtimes, as is quilting, crafting, painting and decorating……cozy up with blankets and watch old movies……..and of course, flowers……did you see the pics of my basement????

    Love that tablecloth and the pink carns in the mason jar……very bright and cheerfull in your home!!!

  13. Just wanted to add……when warm weather finally arrives, I am ready and run out the door……because all my indoor projects are DONE…..I can concentrate on the outdoors………….and that includes all the ironing, got it all done in the cold weather.!!!!

  14. Hi,

    I love your pics. And because I have also winter troubles I come over and give you a warm digital hug. Its hard but I know spring is always a bit in the air. Thanks for this beautiful blogpost.

  15. so very pretty…lovely photos and tablescape!
    Bec x

  16. Your pink flowers look so pretty with the blues and white in your dining room. Your lovely photos definitely gave me a lift this morning. So sweet and pretty!
    Mary Alice

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! The colors here are so beautiful!

  18. So pretty and Springy looking, Jennifer! I’m usually okay with Winter as long as the sun is out. I find if there are a few consecutive days of gray skies {whether it rains/snows or not} it definitely affects my mood. I think I enjoy the Spring and Fall most ~ not too hot and not too cold. My tulips from last week are just about on their way out. I think this week I may try some roses I saw at the supermarket.

  19. I too struggle with winter, I am completely done with it by January 2nd! I know to keep busy but it is still a struggle to be motivated. Your table, and jar with carnations are lovely….but the room with all the light and whites is stunning! What a great place to ride out the dips in mood. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about your post, each picture was lovely. I imagine winters are tough. I know I have a bit of trouble is it’s too overcast too many days in a row without any sunshine.

    I hope you’ll come see My Daughter’s Master Bath Redo! We’re so proud of it – #83 at Met Monday.


  21. Carnations are one of my favorite flowers, I now everyone loves roses but carnations are it for me. The colors are so pretty with the aqua. Gorgeous table.


  22. Such beautiful photos! They are so crisp and cheery. Those flowers are gorgeous, especially in the mason jar. The colors go so well together. This last stretch of winter is hard for me – I am so ready for spring. I find myself uninspired lately and I’m just ready for things to start getting green again!

  23. Your table setting is so pretty, it sure doesn’t look like a winters day at your place. I love the snow, we downhill ski and snowmobile, but am always read for spring to arrive. Right now I am getting my seeds ready to start my garden inside that always helps in making spring seem like its just around the corner. I am enjoying our longer days I actually am not in my PJ’s at 4 in the afternoon. LOL. I agree being a mom is the best job ever. I have an 18 and 16 year old boys and have told them they can’t leave home till there 40, I just love every minute they are around. I am luck and our home is the hangout so there is always tons of kids filling the house with laughter. I enjoy them all being here so much. I also cook for them so they love that. What teenage boy doesn’t love to eat? Lovely post:)

  24. Jennifer,
    I am with you. I live here in Illinois and I can’t wait to have the winter over and Spring to be here!! I love the pink carnations they are so pretty with the blue ball jar. Cupcakes look yummy too. Thanks for sharing the spring look!!! Loved it.

  25. Oh my goodness Jennifer! Just beautiful, love the colors! Those cupcakes, yumm:)! Have a great week! Jen

  26. Oh, wow, your tablescape is beautiful, Jennifer! I do love the colors of Spring, but my “Momma Cave” is really the only room in our home that has those colors. We’ve had more wintery weather this year than we are used to, but it has been nice being able to layer clothing and have the fireplace on at night. I do love Spring, but it’s typically very short-lived here in the desert, and we seem to rush right into the extreme heat of summer. Oh well, you get what you get…!

  27. Wonderful pictures, it sure helps beating the winter blues! I was wondering what you use to have pink frosting on your beautiful cupcakes? Do you use food colouring or do you have a secret to share?

  28. Beautiful spring touches. I love the tablescape, but I keep scrolling back to the cupcake. lol Yum!

  29. oh what sweet sweet gorgeousness is your pink on a mundane monday morning, jennifer. thank you for this. your blog is a sunshiney spot in any season.

    love to you.


  30. Oh my gosh this is so pretty it makes me want to run out and get some fresh flowers. Lovely photos too!

  31. So beautiful. You’ve made me want to come over and join you having a cupcake. I would love you to share this at Silver Pennies Sundays.

  32. Oh, this is so bright, pretty, and fresh! I get the same way in winter when there is no sun for days on end 🙁
    It is my belief that a cupcake or cookie can make any day better so I love your pink one! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  33. i’m in love with this bright happy wonderful space – thank you for brightening MY day!!

  34. Just the perfect touch of pink! I just love your new table cloth and the pink flowers complement it well.

  35. Like you, I have SAD and am more than done with winter. The pink carnations in the blue Ball jar are so pretty, cheerful, and spring-like. I also love the tablecloth you got at A Ruffled Nest. Here’s to dreams about planting impatiens and other beautiful flowers…outdoors! 🙂

  36. Your beautiful photos made me smile. The pink carnations were gorgeous in the blue jars. And, those dainty cupcakes looked perfect with your table.

    Yes, we are all so ready for spring. Tennessee’s winters are pretty mild but just when you think spring is close, then it gets cold and rainy and snow flurries come. I think most people in my area have been sick because of such crazy weather.

    Stay cheery as you wait for the sunshine…

  37. What a breath of fresh air! Your tablescape and flowers are so beautiful. I do suffer from SAD too. I need to get outside in the sun more in the winter, but I hate the cold. Here in northern Michigan winters are really long. Maybe I’ll buy some fresh flowers this week.

    I’d love it if you would share this at “What We Accomplished Wednesday,” at Green Willow Pond. It is live right now. Have a great week!


  38. YUM those cupcakes look good! What pretty carnations!Pink looks so pretty in your blue ball jars! Oh yes I get flowers for the same reason.I just bought lots at jewel this week.They have a great sale and I had some store coupons which made mine even cheaper.
    Happy Belated Birthday 🙂

  39. So pretty 😉 So inspirational for spring!
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  40. I’m longing for spring and sunshine too. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  41. Oh! When I saw such a lovely and sweet photo in a party I told to myself “this must be Jennifer…” and I was right!
    I never tire of seeing your home.

  42. Simple and beautiful… the photos…

  43. I too, am from cold , grey Illinois; –although last week did look like a snowglobe out my backyard bay window! It was peaceful, but I ‘m ready for spring. When you mentioned The Ruffled Nest where you bought your tablecloth, is that a store or online site? I kept getting blogs and different variations of the name. Thanks!

  44. I always love to see your beautiful home — it’s like a breath of fresh air.

  45. What a lovely table! Please share it on a terrific linky – Design Décor Tuesday. See you there! ☺

  46. Your dining room is so cheery and bright. Love pink and aqua together and your table has me yearning for spring! Thanks for sharing at our spring party!

  47. This is such a gorgeous combination of colors! With 3 boys and a husband in the house, I don’t have nearly enough pink in the house. This would be a perfect way for me to sneak it in! 🙂

  48. Hi Jennifer,

    I too suffer from SAD but hanging in there. Love the pink with the blue mason jar, perfect combination and that tablecloth is darn fabulous.

    I wanted to send you an email as I would like to ask you some questions regarding the Home Talk and We’re on the Picket Fence. Feel free to email me if you have the time.

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