Creating a Green Environment to Fight Cabin Fever

January through March are my least favorite months of the year and once March rolls around, I start to get a little stir crazy. Even though I work in a beautiful LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building 5 days out of the week and even though I run outside on a regular basis, I still get cabin fever. Bringing plants and flowers into the house helps lift my spirits, and I think it creates a healthy living space, too.

Moss FernThese adorable moss fern plants tugged at my heart strings and I had to bring them home with me. They were only a few dollars each.


Mossy FernPlants give off oxygen and that can only help the air inside your home while being shut up during winter.


Norfolk PineThe little Norfolk Pines from Christmas are still doing well. I removed their red and white wrappings and placed this one in a clay pot that I altered with white gesso and script scrapbook paper. For a little softness, I first layered it in a small flour sack.


Green Table SettingAt the time I was arranging my green table setting, I wasn’t even thinking of St. Patrick’s Day. It just now dawned on me that the green theme is perfect for this time of the month.  I should’ve brought home an oxalis plant … also known as green shamrock plant.


Mossy FernI brought in some textures to complement the greenery … like this French baguette board which serves as a table runner. Of course, it’s just for looks because your plate would wobble ridiculously if you tried to eat with it balanced on the board.


Fern and Twig BallTwig balls lend earthy texture to the green, springtime table setting. I love the twig balls for their simplicity and their modest price tag. Unfortunately, the cats like them as much as I do so I have to make sure they don’t ruin them when they play with them.


Spring Table SettingSince I’m thinking of spring to get rid of cabin fever, I added one of my favorite little birds and a little moss ball.


Earthy Table Setting


Spring Table SettingI love green and white together in the springtime. I know most people are thinking of pastels but I find greenery so refreshing at this time of year. The plants and the smell of dirt in the pots make me think of my garden and that makes me happy. I love getting dirt under my fingernails.


Mossy Table


Mossy FernA twig hat lends a rustic element to the soft greenery. My inspiration for this setting comes from a store called The Mossy Twig. They have the coolest plants, fun containers, and a rich earthy smell as you walk in the door.


Spring Table SettingI’ve got a few more new plants growing in mossy pots that I need to find a resting place for. The challenge is putting them some place where they get the sun they need but where my furry little friends won’t eat them or think the plants are a new toy.  I’m looking forward to spring!

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  1. Your leggy little bird made me smile. Happy March!

  2. Love your mossy plants. I love the cute little bird too!!! I am joining in on all the spring fun too. I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful inspirational posts. This will be a lot of fun.

  3. All your greenery is lovely, but your little bird takes the prize for my favorite.

    As a southern Californian, this is the time of year when I wonder why and how people live in cold weather. My grandmother was born in Norway, way north of the Arctic Circle. Several years ago we went to see where she was born and arrived on the Summer Solstice with 24 hours of daylight. It was wonderful, but then I thought about the Winter Solstice. I don’t know how my relatives live in cold, snow and total darkness for several months a year.

    I hope spring comes quickly for you.

  4. Having something green and growing in your house is good for the soul! Happy Monday from the enchanted oven.

  5. Beautiful pcitures… It really made me feel like spring was almost there!

  6. Love the green touches and that bird is too cute:) I have Spring fever also, guess it will be here soon enough. Just have to hold out!

  7. Greenery certainly helps, Jennifer! This month is when I start to get a bit antsy for the nicer weather to get here. My little pine from Christmas is also still alive. I just plopped it in a white ceramic planter for now until I get a terracotta pot I can paint up.

  8. The pops of fresh green look so pretty in your white decor, Jennifer. It’s nice to have fresh living things in the house right now. We’re getting wet snow here today but it’s above freezing so that’s okay. Pamela

  9. The pops of green look wonderful against the white background in your photos, Jennifer. Very fresh and clean. I am so with you on the cabin fever!! Come on spring!!


  10. Beautiful. I should try my hand at growing some indoor plants again – and make sure I water them enough… but not too much. 😉

  11. I’m loving greenery right now (especially moss balls) and all of yours looks great! So fresh and pretty! 🙂

  12. So pretty Jennifer! Congratulations on your feature in shabbylicious magazine! Great article and beautiful photos!

  13. I love all the greenery . .just beautiful . YOU have an eye my sweet friend for beautiful

  14. your home looks fabulous in the simply shabbilicious magazine, jennifer:)

  15. Very refreshing. Green and white always looks so fresh and clean. This post has given me the nudge I needed to start with a few spring touches around here. I love your little bird too.

  16. Love your cute table setting! That little bird is so adorable.
    Mary Alice

  17. I love all of your plants!

  18. Everything looks so fresh and clean and springy, Jennifer! And I just adore that little bird! I may have to try to make some of these to sell in my booth! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  19. Jennifer…I walked through a nursery last week and took my time smelling all the green. Therapy during winter! As always, lovely photos.

  20. The plants are so pretty! I love the texture of ferns and mossy plants.

    Last year when we were in Illinois, I found that same bird at a cute little shop. It has a special place on my mantel.

    Have a great day.

  21. This is the freshest and most fabulous table setting!

  22. Your images are so prett!

  23. What would we do without a few of these leafy green things to see us thru until Spring? always love your wonderful photos, Jennifer!!

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