The Magical Appeal of Kennebunk, Maine: The Quiet Side of the River

It’s been a couple weeks since I shared photos of our trip to Kennebunkport, but today I’m back to show you scenes from Kennebunk, Maine – which is the quieter side of the Kennebunk River that separates the two towns. Each has their own strengths but if you’re not from the area, it’s hard to tell the two apart unless you know where the boundary lines are.

We visited Maine back in July and every vacation, we always find a favorite coffee shop. Mornings in Paris became our coffee of choice to start the day.

Morning in Paris - Kennebunk coffee shop


We preferred sitting outside in the little shaded courtyard.

Morning in Paris coffee shop in Kennebunk, Maine


The Clam Shack is a hot spot in town for outdoor lunch or dinner. We never did eat here, although I wanted to. There were just too many restaurant options. The Clam Shack has an ideal location on the river, with a gorgeous view of the sunset.

The Clam Shack in Kennebunk, Maine


Sunset on Kennebunk River in Maine


You’ll always find boats nearby on the river. We took a sunset sailboat cruise offered by Pineapple Ketch. I highly recommend it.

Sailboat on Kennebunk River


But my favorite way to see the sights in southern Maine is on a scooter from F.A.S.T Rentals! We had so much fun cruising around town exploring so many different areas. And lucky for me, they had a smaller pink scooter just my size.

Pink electric scooter riding in Maine


Kennebunkport might have the best shops of the two towns, but Kennebunk has the best beach, in my humble opinion. This is Gooch’s beach which is large enough to not be crowded.

Gooch's Beach in Kennebunk


The homes along the beach are impressive, whether large or small.

Maine Estate on Gooch's Beach


This house had an idyll location right next to the sandy beach. You didn’t have to walk across the street – just step out onto the porch and the beach and ocean is all yours!

Yellow and Brown Beach House


When you have a waterfront view, you have to have a lot of windows.

Large blue home on Gooch's Beach


shingled beach cottage in Maine


beach house in Kennebunk


This was one of my favorite houses. I love the large porch for enjoying sea breezes, and the collection of arched windows with flower boxes.

beach house in Kennebunk


Although most of the waterfront homes in Kennebunk are stately, you’ll find a few that are smaller but still big on charm.

small beach house in Maine


beach house in Kennebunk


You’ll find plenty of shingle-style homes throughout the area.

shingled beach cottage in Maine


Most yards have gathering areas to enjoy the sunshine and ocean views.

beach houses in Maine


We hope to return to southern Maine to enjoy its natural beauty. The flight is less than three hours so it’s not a bad trip to make. I’ve still got a few more points of interest to share, including the Bush compound and the home from Dark Shadows!


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  1. The home from Dark Shadows, wow that takes me back from when I use to hurry home to watch. Loved your little coffee shop and those huge homes with all those windows. Thanks I enjoyed looking.

  2. I’ll be dog sitting a few days in Kennebunk next week. Will have to try the Paris cafe & Clam Shack. Any recommendations for thrift stores nearby?