Country Style Fence Ideas

One of these days I would love to get a new fence.

I like our rustic style fence in the backyard but it’s really more shabby than chic.

I found a collection of pretty, country style fences on Houzz for inspiration.

Let me know which one you like best!

Traditional Exterior by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

Here’s the typical white picket fence.

I’ve always adored houses with a picket fence out front. And I love the color of the front door, too!


Traditional Landscape by New York Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Adrian Smith

It’s a little hard to see, but this fence has poultry netting stretched across it.

I like the simplicity of this country style fence.


Traditional Landscape by Chadds Ford Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Wallace Landscape Associates

Another simple fence, and I like the way it’s paired with a brick walkway.

The flowering trees are gorgeous too. Such a pretty yet simple landscape.


Traditional Landscape by Malone Artists & Artisans Art Gems

This one is my favorite. It’s rustic, quaint, and charming.

It goes perfectly with a cottage style garden and home.


Traditional Landscape by Tarrytown Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Westover Landscape Design, Inc.

An unpainted fence can look just as pretty as a painted one.

Plus you don’t have to paint it every few years.


Rustic Exterior by West Chester Architects & Building Designers Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

This adorable rustic fence is paired with a stone wall.

Our fence has moss on it just like this one.


Farmhouse Exterior by West Chester Architects & Building Designers Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

Another cute picket fence with an equally cute dog and adorable house!


Rustic Landscape by West Chester Architects & Building Designers Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

This split rail fence reminds me of my neighbor’s when I was a kid.

It has country style fence written all over it!


Rustic Landscape by Toronto Home Stagers HOPE DESIGNS

Another variation on the classic picket fence.

This one includes a charming arched entry into the backyard garden.


Traditional Landscape by Pipersville Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Dear Garden Associates, Inc.

Finally, a rustic country style fence with a double gate and stone walk way.

I think this one would be perfect encircling our vegetable garden.

So which fence do you like best?


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  1. Oh my goodness, I love ALL of them. We have the ugliest chain link…. but I love pickets!

  2. The last one. I’m putting a fence up around my new front porch so my dogs can join me out there. I’m using hog panels framed with wood. Fits my house and is so cool looking.

  3. These pictures prove that the house and landscaping help dictate the type of fence . You didn’t show any old wrought iron fences, which happen to be my favorite. We have ugly chain link also. I like the new vinyl fencing but waaay out of my price range. I’ve painted the chain leak with chrome paint and it looked fresher but I’m thinking of painting it green or black next.

  4. I like the one with the dog and the last one. Fences can be so costly can’t they?? It is a big job to do ourselves.


  5. I’m not sure what YOUR house looks like…but I like the first fence. So clean and white. It’s so pretty.


  6. Love a picket fence. They are sweet and inviting and yell come on in! Great inspiration photos.

  7. Oh my goodness they are all so pretty. I do love the 3rd fence down and also the one with the cute dog. Have fun choosing! 🙂

  8. Number 2 must have been taken in Bucks County, Pa………love me a stone house!!! Truly, I like them all, they complement the style of the homes. I do like the last one for your home, it seems to fit!!!

  9. These are some great fence ideas. We are looking at getting a dog, so we need a fence. I really like the variation on the classic picket fence with the arched entry. That would keep the dog in, and add style to our home!

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