Why Fall is the Best Season to Enjoy Gardens

Some people think that fall is the end of gardening season. But I think fall is the best season to enjoy gardens. The earth is so full of color this time of year and weeds are no longer prolific.

Sunflower Farm


Today is the first Saturday of the month and that means it’s time to join my cozy living blogging friends! We’re all sharing what we enjoy this time of month – you can see their posts at the bottom of this post.

I’m sharing the beauty of fall gardens today. Recently I took a trip down the road to a U-Pick flower farm at Shady Hill Gardens. I knew they had sunflowers but I didn’t know how beautiful they were until I saw them in person.

Sunflowers at U-Pick Flower Garden


When I arrived the lovely lady gave me a basket and a set of pruning shears to cut sunflowers, zinnias, and other flowers in their garden.

Sunflowers at U-Pick Flower Farm


Spring flowers are pretty, but fall flowers are so rich in color and beautiful.

Zinnias in U-Pick Flower Garden


If you’ve never been to a U-pick flower farm, you should go if you have one in your area. The quality of flowers is so fresh and the blooms are beautiful.

Sunflowers at Shady Hill Gardens


Shady Hill Garden is where you’ll find these beautiful blooms in a U-Pick garden. Honestly, I felt a little guilty removing flowers from this pretty field – but it did feel wonderful being surrounded by all that color. The flowers were just 69 cents per stem.

Zinnias in a U-Pick Flower Garden


U-Pick Flower Farm


Not only are fall gardens rich in color, but usually there are less bugs this time of year which makes being outside in gardens more enjoyable. Not to mention, everything is full grown in the gardens this time of year.

Even my garden pond is more enjoyable in the fall season. Everything is full grown and the days are slightly cooler and less humid.

Garden Pond in the Fall Season


Not to mention, my Violicious waterlily is blooming profusely right now.

Purple Waterlilies in Garden Pond


Violocious waterlilies are a new hybrid of purple waterlilies that come back year after year.

Purple Waterlilies in Garden Pond


The aquatic mint in my pond is also growing profusely and looks better now than it did all year. That’s what I love about fall gardens. They’re mature and beautiful.

Aquatic Mint in Garden Pond


Here are a few more garden photos from another local nursery that features vintage items and garden structures in their gardens – like this rusty old kitchen piece.

Vintage Items in Fall Garden


This quirky garden shed is so cute and makes me want something like this out in our yard where we’re creating garden zones.

Shabby Chic Garden Shed


I love visiting nurseries and gardens this time of year. There’s so much to enjoy and the weather is fabulous.

White Shed in Cottage Garden


White Shed in Cottage Garden


Spring Bluff Nursery even has a cute friendly goat!

Friendly Goat at Spring Bluff Nursery


And a no-longer-in-use outhouse with a green roof! If you need a pick-me-up or mood booster, go visit your local nursery or a botanical garden. You’ll find the peace and beauty to be a real spirit-lifter.

Garden Shed with Green Roof


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  1. Beautiful I wish we had a place to U-cut like that round here. How wonderful to stroll up and down the rows and enjoy all the colorful blooms.

  2. Wow. What a beautiful place. I wouldn’t want to leave. I especially liked the garden shed and it’s somewhat different configuration and shape. Thanks for the interesting fall post.

  3. I have never heard of a U-Cut flowers place, I don’t think we have anything like that here in British Columbia Canada. I would so love this since I take floral arranging classes all the time. Your Lilies on your pond are absolutely gorgeous too.

  4. oh your pond is so beautiful. even with your colder climate those water lilies will come back each year? just leave them in the pond over the winter? I need to get something like that. it’s whats missing from our’s.

    1. Hi Laura! Yes, the hardy waterlilies (not tropical water lilies) come back every year. You just trim them to a couple inches above the crown and then drop them into the deepest part of the pond (at least 2 feet deep). When spring rolls around, I take them out of the pond and add Once a Year Fertilizer – and if they need repotting, I’ll do that too. Then I just relocate them in the pond and enjoy the blooms all season long. You should definitely get some. Frogs will sit on the lily pads and the leaves provide cover for the fish. The leaves also add shade to help cool the water during the hottest months.

  5. I agree with you. However, Spring flowers bring me joy, whereas the fall bounty reminds me that winter is coming, to coin a phrase😉. Thanks to your encouragement a few years ago, I’ve been doing better with my zinnias,, but my goal is to grow them like in that picture.