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Tiny Trio of Leaves: Fall Printable

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and as I was getting ready to create a new blog post, my laptop crashed and burned! It made a loud pop and died. Permanently. So I ran to Best Buy to get a new laptop which left me with no time to create a new post. So I’m re-publishing a favorite fall printable from a few years ago. It’s a trio of leaves for you to download and use. (You can download the leaf template at the end of the post.)

Free Fall Leaf Tag Printable

I used my fun leaf printable to create an entire fall tablescape. I wanted something a little special at each place setting and decided to create a mini gift basket for each guest. The fall leaf tag from my tiny trio of leaves became the adornment for the basket.

Fall Table Setting with Leaf Printables

To create the fall gift basket, you’ll need to gather paper berry boxes, twine, pretty hankies, and brown floral wire. Then print the leaf template onto card stock and carefully cut them out.

Free Fall Leaf Printable. Download it today!

To secure the leaves onto the paper berry boxes, you’ll very carefully wrap a short piece of florist wire around the stem of the leaf. You’ll want about 2 inches extra to create a curlicue. To create the curl, simply twist the wire around a bamboo skewer then slide the skewer out.

Free Printable to Create Leaf Tags

Measure a piece of twine to wrap around the top of the berry box, and leave extra to tie a pretty bow. Stick the end of the curlicue wire into the center of the bow’s knot to secure it in place.

Free Fall Leaf Printable to Create Tiny Tags

Line your paper berry basket with a pretty hankie (I cut mine in fourths to fit better) and fill with a special gift. I chose a beautiful Bosc pear but you can fill your basket with anything … a small scented candle, a box of gourmet chocolates, a gift certificate … you get the idea.

How to Create a Fall Gift Basket for Individual Place Settings

My fall table setting includes more artwork using the tiny trio of leaves printable. I created cute little fall bags to hold the silverware at each place setting.

Fall Table Setting. Use my free leaf printable to create gift baskets and bags at each table setting

For this project, you’ll need small cloth drawstring bags, white printer paper, and a colorless blender pen. Print the leaf template using a laser jet printer and cut a square around each leaf.

How to transfer fall leaf prints to mini drawstring bags

Flip the printed leaf over and center it on your little drawstring bag. Holding it in place, print side down, rub over the back of the paper with the opened blender pen. The chemicals from the pen will soak through the paper and transfer the image to the fabric. Press somewhat firmly while saturating the back of the leaf print. This should take about 30 seconds.

How to Transfer Print Pictures or Graphics onto Fabric

Lift the paper to reveal a faded, aged-looking leaf. Let the fabric dry and then insert the silver and pull the drawstrings just a bit to keep them tucked inside. Your guests can keep the bags, along with their gift basket.

How to transfer a leaf graphic onto a drawstring bag

I like to give my guests a little gift to take home. It makes the lunch or dinner party memorable and special.

Fall Table Setting

A simple bouquet of asters from the garden fill one of my white ironstone pitchers for the centerpiece. I found a fun metal floral ball to add a little texture and dimension. Its burnished color reminds me of fall.

Bouquet of Asters and Metal Flower Ball

A few pretty sprigs and stems of faux bittersweet continue the beautiful fall color. The figs were pretty tasty, too.

Figs and Bittersweet in a Fall Table Setting

I hope you’re inspired to create your own fall crafts using my tiny trio of leaves printable. Now my only decision is … what’s on the menu for dinner? Maybe Grandma’s Old Fashioned Pot Roast followed by Apple Pear Gratin for dessert!

Fall Table Setting Created with Free Fall Leaf Printable

Here’s the Tiny Trio of Leaves printable available in both a Word document or PDF file.

Free Fall Leaf Printable

Download the Word document

Download the PDF file

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  1. Jennifer,
    I LOVE your post! Of course, I love any paper project. Your leaves are fabulous! And Oh my goodness, I didn’t know you can transfer images via a blender pen! Ok, I’m off to try this! Thanks for your pretty and informative post!

  2. These leaves can be used for so many different things in the fall! I LOVE your project of transferring the image onto the cloth bags. I’ve never even heard of the pen that you used for the project, but it is something I need to buy now!

  3. Leaves are my favorite for fall i pick them up when they turn and are such pretty colors. I will certainly enjoy these printables and sorry about your computer.

  4. Thank you so very much for wonderful leaves printable. Always enjoy having leaves to make some kind of project, your gift basket is so cute and quick to make, easy, inexpensive, my favorites. So appreciate any Fall free printable. Been thinking up projects for my hubs to make for me, need to get some wood. Only thing is he tends to do it his way, not according to my vision. We tend to have words about his transgressions.
    Sorry to hear about your computer, not a happy happening. Hate it when that happens. I usually go online to see what Fingerhut has as I never have enuf money to buy one outright, need to charge. Lap top am on right now is from Fingerhut, have had an account with them for too long. They tend to be bit over retail prices but if you don’t have enuf money otherwise is better than nothing.
    We’re in another of 5 weeks months so are both broke til we get our SS. There are way too many months with 5 weeks between paydays, ouch. It’s so expensive to live here, especially on SS. Our money doesn’t seem to go very far. Groceries are higher also. We’ve learned to limp along, making a lot of one pot meals. Sorry for whining.
    We have nice clear sky, nice breezes and mello temp today, hope same for you. Forgot it was Saturday today., the weeks fly by much too quickly it seems. Hope they fly by to cooler days, has been hot here, in 100’s, eek.
    Have you decorated your home for Fall already? Hubs put restrainer on me long time ago, says I get carried away with Fall decorations. Love the colors and shapes. Not allowed to put up anything til almost Oct. Don’t dare even ask hubs to get my Fall box out of shed. Too clumsy, heavy for me to try on my own.
    Hope Fall where you live is a great one, been pretty nice here except for rain but we need it badly are in drought conditions.

  5. Really cute basket and great leaves. Smiled when you said your computer crashed. Years ago, my IT son told me he had a snake in his computer. It was back when viruses were called worms and I figured it was a new term. Nope, a snake got into his apartment( built on a concrete slab), crawled into the computer as it was a warm place, and electorcuted himself! He got pictures– he was so miffed as it was a tower with great flashing lights and such!