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Under the Eaves Farmhouse Bedroom

This past summer I ordered a dust ruffle from Joss and Main for one of the beds and would you believe I never bothered to put it on? Until today that is. The reason why I procrastinated is because I didn’t feel like lugging the heavy mattress off the bed to put the skirt on. I finally buckled up and wrestled with that awkward mattress to get the dust ruffle on. While I was at it, I decided to change the bedding up a bit in our little farmhouse bedroom under-the-eaves.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Wedding Ring QuiltThe bed skirt is a light pink and white striped floor length ruffle.

I decided to pair it with my wedding ring quilt.


Cottage Style Farmhouse BedroomThis bedroom used to belong to my girls when they were younger.

Hubby and I had a bedroom on the first floor, but we moved up here after the girls left home.


Country Style Bedroom Under the EavesWe decided we didn’t need a lot of room just to sleep,

and I wanted to turn our first floor bedroom into a family room.


Cottage Style Farmhouse BedroomWe have enough room in our farmhouse bedroom for our dressers and clothes.


Vintage Aqua BottlesAnd a few pretties like my vintage aqua bottles.


Paper Fan GarlandOr this paper fan garland that hangs over the headboard.


Breakfast in BedThere’s plenty of space for reading up here under the eaves.


Breakfast in a Farmhouse BedroomOr enjoying a little bit of breakfast. Although I have to be honest.

I never eat breakfast in bed … it just doesn’t feel right to me. The thought of crumbs in the bed.

So this picture is just for the sake of today’s blog post.

But I do read Country Living magazine in here! I never throw them out.


Under the Eaves Farmhouse BedroomI realize most people are adding Fall touches to their rooms.

But I like something light and airy in the bedroom.

For Christmas, I’d like to find red and white bedding. Maybe some toile like the hat boxes.


Farmhouse Style BedroomBut for now, I like the wedding ring quilt with the new dust ruffle in our farmhouse bedroom.

What changes have you made recently in your home?


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  1. I repurposed a bedroom as a tv/computer room and I LOVE it. It keeps the TV out of the living room… and we can use it for visiting without interruptions… and I can have the news on while I blog or check the internet!

  2. This is the sweetest bedroom I’ve ever seen. I love every single detail, the bedding, the colors, the pink lamp, the throw, the board and bunting over the headboard…. There are too many wonderful details to list! Perfection!

  3. I love your light and airy bedroom. I agree with you on the dust ruffle though, I hate wrestling with the matress to get the darn thing on. The paper garland looks adorable and you’ve just reminded me that I had planned to make one for fall. I have a bunch of fall paper waiting to be folded!

  4. Very pretty, Jennifer! I’m with you, I can’t eat in bed either. It doesn’t matter how big a tray I use or how careful I am I always feel like there are crumbs in the bed. A toile would look so pretty for Christmas. I need to find a warmer looking quilt for our bed now that it is getting cooler. I always like the option of using the white, especially in the Summer, but I feel like I could use something with some color now.

  5. So pretty Jennifer. I too am guilty of no Fall touches in the bedroom 🙂 Luv the wedding ring quilt. I have always wanted one.
    When my eldest moved out I turned his bedroom into a sitting room. Where i blog and read blogs … my favorite spot during the day.

  6. This looks so lovely and inviting!! If you find the toile bedding, let us know where!! I just put on a plain red quilt I had and added red to my spare bedroom. I also need to put on a dust ruffle, and my bed is only a twin, and I haven’t been able to muster up the energy to do it!! That quilt is just gorgeous and I love the dust ruffle!! Just perfect!!!

  7. We haven’t really made any changes in our home recently. Just added a couple of fall touches here and there. Some mini Indian corn on the table; mums in the planters on the porch; mini cattails in a pitcher on the shelf, those sorts of things.
    I love the little changes you’ve made to your bedroom! That dust ruffle and quilt are so pretty! I’ve been wanting to get a red and white quilt for our bedroom for a few years now and haven’t done it. I always have my eye on the Matine Toile quilt in red from Pottery Barn, but it’s just too darned expensive, especially this time of year.
    We never eat in our bed, either. I’ve tried it years ago, and crumbs between the sheets is not a comfortable feeling. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy your day!

  8. When I was little there was a corner bedroom in our house, just this blue colour, under the eaves. This brings back wonderful memories. I found this while looking for a way to decorate my current daughters bedroom. I still remember lying in bed with my sister laughing at night and listening to crickets in the summer and huddling under quilts in the winter(no heat up there).