Mixing Up a Moment with Valentine’s Day Brownies

I was asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create a Valentine’s Day brownie treat. All opinions are my own.

When I was a young girl dreaming of my future, I knew I wanted to have children early in life so that I would still have energy to play with my grandchildren. I also wanted to feel young enough to enjoy time as an empty-nester with my hubby. I didn’t want to feel like we’d be too old to go for bike rides, or walk nature trails, or travel the world if that’s what we desired. I love spending time with my husband and one of our favorite activities is cooking together! With Cupid’s holiday right around the corner, we decided mixing up Valentine’s Day Brownies would be a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Valentine's Day BrowniesOf course, we had to make our Valentine’s Day brownies festive for the romantic holiday. We cut them into heart shapes and added frosting and pink colored sugar.

Mixing Up Brownies for Valentine's DayWe were at Walmart earlier in the day and grabbed several boxes of Pillsbury™ Brownies. They’re always moist and chewy and we decided to stock up so that we’d have a convenient supply for future chocolate cravings!

Heart Shaped Brownies for Valentine's DayLucky for us, we also found several sizes of heart shaped cookie cutters. I like the Funfetti Brownies for their added color.

Mixing Up a Moment with My ValentineAfter the brownies were cut, we frosted them with Pillsbury™ Vanilla Marshmallow frosting, which my husband absolutely loves! I tried not to critique his frosting work too much. After all, this was supposed to be a romantic moment.

Valentine's Day BrowniesWe turned the mini hearts into brownie sandwiches. You simply slice them in half lengthwise and spread frosting in the middle. The first time I made brownie sandwiches was about a week ago with the family for our game day gathering.

Mixing Up a Moment with Valentine's Day BrowniesHubby thought it’d be fun to feed the brownies to each other, similar to our wedding day when we fed each other cake. I was a little leery he’d smear frosting on my face, but he played nice.

Mixing Up a Moment with Valentine's Day BrowniesStill, I thought it’d be better to eat them on our own. We had to enjoy just one before serving them for dessert a little later that evening. I’m glad we decided to bake the Valentine’s Day brownies together, instead of me making them on my own. We tend to do most everything together these days so he’s truly my Valentine!

Valentine's Day BrowniesWe had fun mixing up a moment with Valentine’s Day Brownies. Using a Pillsbury™ Brownie mix made it easy and as you can see, they’re super moist. Do you share special treats with your Valentine on February 14th?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

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