A Touch of Christmas in the Kitchen

Keeping Christmas simple, I brought touches of greenery into the kitchen. Three little pine trees all in a row, sitting on the windowsill. Leftover boxwood greens from the wreaths I made take up residence in an ironstone pitcher.

I love decorating this windowsill through the seasons. 
An ironstone platter and another platter from Lima, Ohio were recent flea market finds.
A bowl of pomegranates on the left adds a little more red to the room.
An apple in an ironstone bowl provides a pop of color, too.
I prefer decorating with natural, everyday objects when possible. 
 The Swedish enamel horse plate in the background has a story to tell.
I found it in a garbage pile from a house that was torn down to make way for a church garden.

It says “Sweden” on the back. The woman who owned it was named Clare.
When she passed on they tore down her house, which I thought was sad.
The little pines came decorated with plastic ornaments, which I removed.
I also replaced the foil wrapping with scraps of white flour sack, tied with a red grosgrain ribbon.
And so I think I’m done decorating the kitchen.
You can see the other side of this room at my previous post.

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  1. I love everything about your kitchen. That enamelware plate with the horse is so unique. Would love to find one just like it. Great decorating:)

  2. You are so good at adding simple touches that pack a big punch. And stuff I would never think of. Looks festive and I could do that, now that you have thought of it for me.


  3. I love all of your ideas!! I really love pitchers of any shape and size and yours is perfect. The pines look much better the way they are now. You did great!!


  4. isn’t it incredible what greenery does when you bring it into the kitchen? just discovered the magic today when i brought some new stuff home.

    smiles to you!


  5. beautiful kitchen,, It’s nice that you’ve kept the horse plate..I can imagine the swedish lady Clare would be happy that you have it.
    Bec x

  6. It is so pretty, Jennifer! What a lovely window you have to decorate. I really do love the simplicity of your style, even though mine is completely the opposite….lol!