9 Stairway Ideas to Love … Or Not

Several months ago hubby and I were talking about selling our house and moving into new construction. Now, we’re weighing the idea of staying put and making some major renovations. Our decision will first and foremost depend on finances because I refuse to be house poor. At first I thought it would be easier to move, but having strangers traipse through our house with a critical eye is giving me the heebie jeebies. Not to mention the work of packing up and moving everything … ugh. Watching episodes of Fixer Upper is giving me new hope that some of the things I don’t like in our current home can be fixed. One of those things is our somewhat narrow and steep staircase, which is common in older homes. As I’m dreaming of what could be,  I’ve got a collection of stairway ideas to love … or not!

Farmhouse Style Staircase

This style of staircase would probably fit best in the space where our current stairway resides. I like the traditional painted spindles and the dark handrail on top. I also prefer stair runners as opposed to having the whole thing carpeted.


Victorian Staircase by Portland Architects & Building Designers Scott Edwards Architecture

The second of stairway ideas is this beautiful wood staircase. I’m a huge fan of U-shaped stairways like this one. The lines are simple, I love that it’s all wood, and the kitty is an added bonus!


Victorian Staircase by Montreal Interior Designers & Decorators Igloo Design

Be still my heart!! I love this white stairway with decorative risers. Note how the the stairway curves as it turns as opposed to hard angles. And the newel post is just lovely!


Victorian Staircase by Rhinebeck General Contractors Handcrafted Builders Inc.

What I like about this Victorian style staircase is the large, rounded steps at the bottom. The newel post and spindles are nicely carved, and the architectural detail on the facing staircase wall is a nice touch. The white paint makes the deep rose color stand out.


Staircase by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Tom Stringer Design Partners

This linear staircase is appealing in its simplicity. This might be a less expensive option to consider. I love the look of white and wood together!


Staircase by London Interior Designers & Decorators Cochrane Design

A twisting and turning staircase makes you wonder what you’ll find at the top of the steps. This is a little too elaborate for my simple farmhouse, but I love its mystery and intrigue. Did you notice the little white doors underneath the stairwell?  A great place for storage.  Our staircase has storage underneath, but it’s actually an extension of our laundry room, which I’ve never shown here on the blog because well … it’s just not pretty.


Rustic Staircase

Does anyone NOT love stone walls in a house?  The tree branch makes for an interesting newel post.


Staircase by Boston Architects & Building Designers Christopher Hall Architect, Inc.

LOVE windows in a stairwell!  We have one window at the bottom of our staircase, but I’m lovin’ this collection of windows where the stairs take a turn. There’s no limit to stairway ideas you can incorporate.


Entry by Charleston General Contractors Renaissance South Construction Co.

You’ve probably seen staircases like this in many a Victorian home. I love that the risers and newels are painted in the same color (I think the description on Houzz said it’s navy). Such a gorgeous entryway.


Bamboo script matHere’s what our stairway looks like today. I think at one time it was enclosed and probably had a door you opened to access it. Somewhere along the way, someone took out a portion of the wall to open it up. You can see that it’s a little steep. When wee ones are over I put up a baby gate to avoid any accidents.

For more inspiration, you can see my previous post of stairway ideas. I’ve always loved a beautiful staircase!


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  1. On Pinterest, the Rustic staircase isn’t possible to pin.

    Beautiful choices!

  2. They are all so beautiful! You have a tough job of deciding which way to go. Your home is gorgeous, by the way.: )

  3. I think your stairway is beautiful. Maybe short spindles and a railing on the room side that curves from a more substantial newel post on the floor to the top of the wall trim. I don’t think you need a completely torn out and redone stairway – it’s already so well done, your photo could have been mistaken for one of the stairways you were using as an example. I do recommend some type of railing on the right side both for safety and for design.

  4. I can’t pin any of these images. I wish I could!

  5. Our stair case is steep as well and does not have any turns. Our risers are also higher than today’s risers. Unfortunately, we have no options with regards to changing them. However, we have become used to them and do not notice it anymore. I always tell guest to watch the stairs. However, it isn’t often that our guests would need to go upstairs in our home. I do reminds the kids several times a day to be careful on the stairs. However, I did that at our last house so I don’t think it has anything to do with our current staircase but, just me mothering. Love the photos you shared. Great inspiration.

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