Walking Tour of St. Charles Illinois

Some of you may know that I’m training for a half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. I’ve run them before, but they’re always a challenge even if you’re familiar with them. I do love the training, but running can be hard at times. What I love even more is walking. Walking lets you take in the sights more easily than when you’re running, and recently hubby and I took a walking tour of St. Charles, Illinois. We chose the Pottawatomie Park area of town, which is rich in history and beauty.

Historic Blue Clapboard House in St. Charles, Illinois

What I love about this area is the diversity of homes and architecture. You’ll find charming clapboard homes like this historic blue house with its quaint stone chimney. Painted steps greet you at the front door like a rolled-out red carpet.


Home of a Childhood Friend in St. Charles, Illinois

Across the street is a somewhat newer home, and one that has very special memories for me. This is the childhood home of my very good childhood friend, Cindy. I spent a lot of time in this house with Cindy and her 4 brothers (one of which I had a crush on). I was sad to see the in-ground pool had been filled in. It used to be to the right of those sliding doors, and the small window at the left was once a door to the bathroom where we’d change into our bathing suits. It’s a beautiful home and is currently for sale if you want to see interior photos.


New Home in St. Charles, Illinois

Just a few doors down is this gorgeous new home with a beautiful front porch. As hubby and I walked past this charmer, I tried to remember what house used to stand here. I don’t think it was an empty lot but I honestly can’t remember.


Cozy Cottage with Fun Orange Trim

On the other side of the road is this cozy little cottage with surprising accents of orange trim. This house is a fooler though. Step around the corner and …


Cozy Cottage with Fun Orange Trim

… you’ll see this house is much larger than it first appears.


Front Porch of Victorian Home

This Victorian charmer boasts two porches. Here on the front porch you see more of that vivid orange trim along with orange flowers. A rich wood door greets visitors, and note the letter in the mailbox ready for the postman to take it.


Side Porch of Victorian Home

You’ll find more wicker furniture on the home’s side porch.


Walking Tour of St. Charles Illinois Near Pottawatomie Park

This pretty home has Victorian influence with its fish-scale trim and patriotic bunting. It’s situated right next to Pottawatomie Park. Realtors always say that homes are all about location, and this one enjoys a coveted spot.


View of Pottawatomie Park in St. Charles, Illinois

Here’s a view of Pottawatomie Park from one of the streets we walked down. It’s a rather large park with sloping property that rolls down to the Fox River. When my grandson stayed with us the past month, I brought him here for the popular day camp. They had “Marathon Mondays” and had to run up the hill a few times (I’ve run up that hill myself, too!). My own children attended the same day camp when they were little. This fall I’ll take photos of the park when it’s painted with autumn color.


Rustic Park Fence

Even the Pottawatomie Park fence is charming with its stone pillars.  I hope you’re starting to see why hubby and I chose this area to walk around in. There’s no shortage of eye candy no matter which way you turn.


Southern Style Home in Illinois

On this same street with a view of the park below is this stunning Southern style home. I’m so in love with this house.


Wrap Around 2-Story Porch Just Like the Old South

The amazing 2-story wrap around porch is just like what you’d see on a plantation home in the Old South.


Simple Historic Brick Home

We’ll end today’s walking tour of St. Charles Illinois with an historic brick charmer. I have always loved this unassuming home tucked in this eclectic neighborhood with mature trees. I do have more homes to share from our walk through the Pottawatomie Park area, but I’ll feature those on another day. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. Which house is your favorite?


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  1. I love your walking tours. This is one beautiful neighborhood. I like the brick house but I on my way to check out your friend’s childhood home. For sale you say…

  2. I love them all! Just looked at the one that was once your friend’s- I think I want it! Such a fun tour- thank you!

  3. I love the third one, with the neat porch! However, my favorite home is my cousin’s. who also lives in St. Charles. I go there at least 2x a year, so I really enjoyed the tour!

  4. They are all beautiful. I was just recently visiting my daughter who lives in Aurora, IL., very near St Charles. They live on Downer Place, an historical district. Their home is 106 years old; a brick home. So regal. One beautiful home after another. Her husband’s job is in Geneva at a church. And Geneva is GORGEOUS. Every little town in the district has beautiful architecture. Thank you for sharing your tour! Looking forward to more pictures.