15 Historic Homes in Geneva Illinois

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a walking tour of historic homes but I finally managed to head back to my hometown of Geneva, Illinois to photograph 15 beautiful houses for you to enjoy. Geneva is where I was born and raised and now we live about 10 miles away, so it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from our driveway.

Historic White House in Geneva IllinoisA classic white house celebrates summer with hanging ferns and a tiny sailboat in the garden.

This house reminds me of similar homes in the Deep South.


Front Porch with Hanging Ferns and Adirondack Chairs for Enjoying Summer DaysThe front porch is roomy enough for a circle of 4 Adirondack chairs and a swing by the front door.

I was hoping someone would come out and invite me up on the porch for lemonade.

And then I was hoping they’d invite me inside for a tour.


Historic Homes in Geneva IllinoisA well kept bungalow displays unique detail in its peak while yard art decorates the front of the porch.

All of these homes happen to reside in the same area where I went to grade school.


White Farmhouse in the Historic District of Geneva IllinoisIt’s funny how you can walk past these beautiful historic homes every day on your way to school,

and yet never know or appreciate their architectural beauty.


Tiny Historic Home in Geneva IllinoisEven this small quirky home has a charm all its own. Many years ago I wanted to buy this house and re-do it.

But that never happened and someone else snatched it up and flipped it.  It’s over 100 years old.


Blue Shuttered Historic Home in Geneva IllinoisAcross the street is a slightly newer home wearing the same subdued colors.

I’d like to add shutters like these to my own house. Someday.


Classic White Farmhouse with Large Porch in Geneva IllinoisI’ve admired this beauty for many, many years. Its yard used to take up almost an entire city block.

But the property was recently divided and new houses built next door.


Green Clapboard House in Historic Geneva IllinoisThis is my favorite house on today’s walking tour of Geneva, Illinois.

The current owners breathed new life into it and it’s now restored to its former glory.


Historic Clapboard Home in Geneva IllinoisEven the side view is pretty. I love the color combination and simple landscaping.

It’s so refreshing to see historic homes restored instead of torn down.


Historic Homes in Geneva IllinoisThis white classic beauty sports a bit of whimsy with pink flamingos on the front porch.

Not sure what that’s all about but I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it.


Blue Historic Home in Geneva IllinoisYou can’t go wrong with a blue house and a white picket fence. Add a red door to top it all off.


White Picket Fence Wraps around Blue Clapboard HouseAnother view of the same house. I love all the windows.

Why can’t they add windows like this to new homes?


Craftsman Style Home in Geneva Illinois. My sister’s childhood friend lived in this gorgeous craftsman style home.

They didn’t have any children my age so I’ve never been inside.


Brick House in Historic Geneva IllinoisOne of my friends lived in this house and yes, I’ve been inside. I only remember the kitchen though.

It was small and I remember eating pancakes at the breakfast table with my friend and her brother.

They later moved to the other side of town and we simply found new friends.


Tour of 15 Historic Homes in Geneva IllinoisAnother gorgeous clapboard home with a comfy front porch.

Can you see how the windows on the second floor under the peak aren’t evenly spaced?


Old Stone Cottage in Historic Geneva IllinoisThis old stone cottage is probably one of the oldest homes in this neighborhood.

It’s been well kept and you can see a clapboard addition in the back. I love the stone wall out front.


Tour of 15 Historic Homes in Geneva IllinoisWe’ll end today’s tour with this yellow beauty. The siding is about the same color as my house.

I realized I’ve never shared a picture of my childhood home on my blog yet.

I promise I’ll take one on my next walking tour of Geneva, even though it’s not an older beauty like these.

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  1. You said, “They later moved to the other side of town and we simply found new friends.” What a wonderful way to put it. Thank you for the tour!

  2. So nice. I feel like I was just wondering down the block among the shade of the trees. Doing the same thing. Wondering who lives there. What the inside looks like. Admiring the color choices and gardens. And thinking how happy I’d be to sit on a big porch drinking homemade lemonade.
    Then I realized I was really reading your great blog. I’m in California it’s 97 degrees and have a severe case of the lazies..
    Happy Labor Day Thanks for sharing
    Barbara Ann

  3. Thank you for this tour!! I too, have taken walks through the historic section of Geneva,IL. I love Geneva! I grew up in Elgin, now live in West Dundee. Always thought of moving there, but came to Dundee instead. Geneva is so beautiful. Lots of history, and the houses are so beautiful and interesting in the historic area. I really enjoyed your pictures. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful neighborhood! I love old houses and old neighborhoods so much.
    I too have wondered about the windows in newer houses. They are always so small, and there are not very many of them. Someone we know just tore down an old farmhouse on their property and built a new home with tiny little windows, and no character at all. What a shame! I love my old house and it’s windows that go all the way to the ceiling, and nearly to the floor. I love all of the light they let it. Makes me happy!

  5. Love it, we visit from Naperville at least 1x a month and the first home photographed is one of my favorites. Love The Little Traveler too and Fionas that offers much charm.

  6. Indeed I have seen many of these homes when I lived in Illinois and we would travel to Galena in the fall. It’s beautiful to see any time of the year because of it’s location, but the thing I always loved, and the thing I most photographed were these lovely homes. I must have some pictures somewhere of some of them, I’m sure. We made many trips there, and enjoyed seeing Grant’s Home and visiting the wonderful shops there in town as well. Thank you for the great memories that reminded me of all of those trips!!