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Beautiful Blue and Gray Custom Homes in the Snow

Several inches of snow fell in our area over the weekend which prompted me to get out and enjoy the scenery. While I was out, I snapped some photos of beautiful blue and gray custom homes in Naperville, IL.

Beautiful Blue Custom Home Exterior During Winter


Naperville used to be a smaller suburb of Chicago until about 35 years ago when it experienced rapid growth. It’s a popular town with good schools and lots of shopping and restaurants in the downtown area.

Beautiful Blue Custom Home Exterior During Winter


Smaller homes in existing neighborhoods have been expanded or replaced by larger custom homes.

Light Blue Victorian Style New Home


Such care has been taken when renovating the older homes in Naperville that it’s hard to tell if it’s a new custom home or a rehab.

Dark Gray Custom Homes in the Snow in Naperville, IL


One thing I noticed is a lot of modern farmhouse style homes are being constructed. Most are white but this dark gray beauty caught my eye.

Dark Gray Modern Farmhouse with Brown Wood Trim


Be still my heart! This house stopped me in my tracks. Such a rich blue color with magnificent Victorian details like arched windows and decorative trim. Winter’s snow intensifies the siding color.

Dark Blue Victorian Home with White Trim on a Winter Day


Light blue also looks great in the snow. Many of the custom homes in Naperville still have their Christmas decorations up. I could go back to this Chicago suburb many times to capture photos of amazing homes. One street is just as pretty as another.

Light Blue Victorian Custom Homes in Naperville, IL


A gorgeous teal Victorian charmer has just a few touches of red and a bit of gingerbread trim on the porch.

Dark Teal Victorian House in the Snow


Naperville boasts that it’s home to the best public library system in the country. It’s also the fifth largest city in Illinois, but it has a small-town feel. It’s located along the Dupage River and has a beautiful riverwalk that I’ve visited several times.

Dark Gray Two Story Traditional Home


You’ll find smaller charming homes in town, too. Love this little blue cottage with its peaked roof and arched door.

Small Dark Blue Cottage in the Snow


If you’d like to visit this popular suburb, you can read about the top 10 things to do in Naperville. I have several more photos of this town’s custom homes to share with you next week – in a different color scheme.


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  1. Yeah, that navy Victorian is a showstopper!!
    I love your town tours. And the SNOW. Wow! So beautiful. Almost makes me want to exchange it for my winter day: 60 degrees, bright, sunny.
    Think I’all head out and catch some rays while I think about it. 🤣😉🤣

  2. Be still my heart is right! That Victorian is an absolute beauty, and it is so exciting to see all of that snow. We don’t get that in Tennessee. Have a great week, Jennifer. Can’t wait to see next week’s tour.

  3. Blue or gray are my favorite colors for homes, except Victorian. I am always ready for a tour along a street of old homes, thanks.

  4. Snow is here in Indiana as well. All the details of these new or renovated farm style homes are true standouts. The color is pretty but I’m a white fan too. Naperville looks to be a great town. One day maybe we will visit. I’d also like to visit Laurel Mississippi where Ben and Erin from Home Town do their show. A grey or blue farm style home with hydrangeas all summer sounds perfect.

  5. I live in a light blue Folk Victorian and think it always looks best in the winter! We bought a 1915 home from the original owner in 1980. It was like waking into 1915 when we entered (except for heat and bathroom updates). We’ve spent the last 41 years making it our own.
    Thanks for sharing these, I’ve always loved touring such places.

    1. Hi Vickie! Your home sounds wonderful! I love hearing when people live in their homes for many years. You must have lots of wonderful memories there!

  6. I love Naperville. Many summer visits there with a best friend’s Mom. So much to love about that great town! Thanks for sharing this tour!!