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Create a Welcoming Entryway: Cozy Living

Stepping through the front door, friends and visitors get a first impression of your home. I try to create a welcoming entryway in hopes that people feel happy and warm when they walk inside.

Weathered Buffet with Orchids and Plants


The first thing you see when walking in my front door is this corner by the window. It’s not really an entryway per se, but I defined it as such with the use of a small throw rug. You’re really walking into the dining room, but I created this cozy corner by the front door.

Reading Nook in a Welcoming Entryway


And speaking of cozy, today is the first Saturday of the month so it’s Cozy Living Saturday. I’m joining a few blogging friends to bring you cozy ideas for the month of April. Visit them at the links below.

To help bring the outdoors in, I’ve increased the number of plants to help create a welcoming entryway. My most recent addition includes a few orchids and just yesterday I shared tips for successfully growing orchids.

Gray Wing Chair in Reading Corner with Plants and Orchids


So much beautiful light comes through this window! I removed the curtains to let the sun fully shine in. I’m debating whether or not to give the windows a two-tone treatment. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Welcoming Entryway with Wing Chair and Plant Table


My Zebra plant is going strong and the Micans Philodendron in the little trophy vase is starting to grow.

Plant Table with Zebra Plant and Micans Philodendron


Plant Table in Welcoming Entryway


Pink and purple orchids adorn the buffet by the front door. I found out there’s an orchid store not too far away – I need to go visit soon!

Weathered Buffet with Orchids and Plants


Felix was getting a little annoyed at me for shooing him out of the room. He just wanted to stretch out in the sunlight.

Reading Nook in a Welcoming Entryway


Visit my blogging friends below for more cozy living in April!

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Cozy Living in April

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  1. Love the entry space you’ve created and I’m enjoying the new paint and decor colors and pieces you’re using. I love the white in everyones home but it’s nice to see some color and texture like you’re using.

  2. I love what you’ve done at your entryway. Many are stumped as to what to do when their door opens directly into a room. You’ve solved that problem beautifully.

  3. Felix made me laugh, he actually looks annoyed! hahahaha Glad to know others have photobombing pets. 😉 Your entry is so cozy and inviting, I love all of the plants and that chair by the window, it’s perfect!!!

  4. The sheep print is sooooo cute! This is by far one of the sweetest I have seen…..is it old or new? I am enjoying following you.

  5. I’m loving that print of sheep above the chair. Can you give us any information about it? I’d love to purhase a print.