Water Lilies ~ The Jewels of the Water Garden

If you’re an avid gardener looking to do something a little different, you might want to consider adding a water garden to your landscape so you can enjoy the many varieties and colors of beautiful water lilies. There’s something so special about these colorful jewels.  (All photos courtesy of Aquascape, Inc.)

Tropical Water Lilies in a Backyard PondI have to confess I never thought much about water lilies until I started working at Aquascape.

And now every day I get to work in the midst of these gorgeous aquatic flowers.


Reflection of a Water Lily on a PondWater lilies create a gorgeous reflection on the water’s surface.


Pink Grapefruit WaterlilyThis water lily is called Pink Grapefruit and can get quite large.

Beautiful, isn’t it?


Panama Pacific Day Blooming Water LilyMy favorites are the purple water lilies. This Panama Pacific lily is vivid with a glowing center.


Sea of Water Lilies and Lily PadsLilies come in both a hardy and tropical variety … like annuals and perennials.


Victoria Water LilyThe Victoria water lily is especially memorable with its huge lily pads and unique flower.


Yellow hardy water lilyWhen you have a pond, you enjoy both the beauty of water lilies and the song of croaking frogs.

If you build it (the pond) … they will come (the critters). Do you see him?


Tropical Water Lily in a Backyard PondIf you’ve fallen in love with these photos of water lilies but aren’t quite ready for a backyard pond, don’t despair!


Water Lilies in a Container Water GardenYou can grow water lilies in containers!

In this container water garden, lilies are paired with water lettuce (my favorite aquatic plant).


Signature Pond at Aquascape, Inc.And this is Aquascape … where I work. I get to look out the window and enjoy a sea of beautiful water lilies! I’ll share more about water gardening throughout the summer.


Water Lilies Flipboard MagazineWant to see more water lily photos?

You can view my Wondrous Water Lilies Flipboard magazine.


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  1. I’ve always been envious of people with large enough ponds to grow water lilies. Now I know that I can grow them in my little water feature – yahoo!! Next year, they will be added to my shopping list along with my favourite water lettuce.

  2. Very pretty-like a jewel!

  3. I had no idea that water lilies where something pretty. They are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!

  4. Oh, these are simply gorgeous!!

  5. Those are impressive lilies….I love those Victoria lilies as they are quite stunning.

  6. We have moved into a new house where a portion of our yard is very wet. We want to preserve that, and create a rain garden,
    funneling rain from the upper yard down into it regularly, and keeping it wet and boggy for the birds and the frogs and toads.
    What a great place to work! You must see beautiful flowers all the time!

  7. Therese Haas says

    I just put in a pond last month. Finely got plants in last week. Bought a bunch of starts on Ebay. Noticed this morning the three water lilies already have pads reaching for the surface. So excited!!!

  8. They are amazingly beautiful, Jennifer! I especially like the Pink Grapefruit variety. I’m not sure about the croaking frogs though, they can get pretty loud! : )

  9. I so miss my pond! I had yellow water lilies. I really want to figure out a way to have a water garden here at the patio apartment. But there’s no electrical outlet outside, so would have to be a different pond than I’m accustomed to.

  10. Water Lilies are on my list of new things to try. We are trying to figure out the best type pond to make. I am thinking a stock tank would work best for us. These are sure lovely.

  11. I am loving the lilies…they’re so gorgeous!

  12. I am so impressed by these images. I have been wondering if it would be worth the maintenance to put in a pond, but these images persuade me all the more. I live in an area that is very suitable for such a feature and will have to show the idea to my husband. Thank you for the ideas.

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