Farmhouse Style Storage Ideas ~ Farmhouse Friday!

If you live in an old farmhouse like I do … you know your number one challenge is storage!  We have one closet in our house. That’s it. Just one. So I have to get creative when it comes to storage ideas. And since today is Farmhouse Friday (yay!!), my blogging buddies and I are sharing our farmhouse style storage ideas with you.

Built-in Bead Board Kitchen CupboardLet’s start in the kitchen. This built-in bead board cabinet is my favorite storage unit in my house! I remember when we first toured this house before buying it, I saw this cabinet and pretty much knew I’d be making an offer. Dishes, tupperware, canned goods, and much more are stored in here.


Farmhouse Kitchen Sideboard with Open Shelves provides much needed storage in a farmhouse kitchenNext to the built-in cabinet is this free standing sideboard, which I bought from a friend at work. I store cookbooks in here, along with baking tools like measuring cups and such. It’s funny … whenever I tell someone in my family to go get such-and-such in the sideboard they’re like, “what’s a sideboard?” Would they know what I meant if I called it a credenza? Doubtful.


Open Shelving in a Farmhouse KitchenOn the other side of the kitchen, I’ve chosen open shelving to provide additional storage. Because when you have beautiful white ironstone, you don’t want to keep it behind closed doors. It needs to be properly displayed out in the open. I do use all of these pieces and I like that I don’t have to dig to find them.


Rustic Wire Basket Wall HangerI recently added this wire basket wall hanger in my kitchen. You’d be amazed where you can create additional storage when you have to be creative. This basket wall hanger fit just perfectly next to my refrigerator. I put my most-used spices in it so I can grab them quickly.


Store toiletries and sundries in pretty white bathroom basketsIn the bathroom, I use a lot of baskets for storage. Toiletries and grooming supplies are kept in white baskets on painted shelves. This cabinet had doors on it but I removed them because I wanted to see the baskets out in the open. Baskets help hide the clutter while looking attractive at the same time.


IKEA Hack!  Computer cabinet turned crafting cabinetSpeaking of clutter, my crafting cabinet hides all my craft clutter … and there’s lots of it! This picture was taken when I first transformed my IKEA computer cabinet into a craft cabinet so it still looks neat and tidy. But today, it holds a lot more stuff! Fabric, chalk paint, scrapbook papers, glue guns, Mod Podge, cigar boxes, mason jars filled with paint brushes and buttons … you name it. Just close the doors and you don’t need to see the junk anymore!


Dining Room Corner HutchIn my farmhouse dining room, I don’t have a ton of space, but I’ve managed to create a lot of storage opportunities by way of free standing pieces, like this corner hutch that holds white ironstone on the upper shelves, while place mats and table runners are stored behind the closed doors on the bottom.


Vintage Mirror Collection on my Dining Room WallThis buffet holds serving pieces, supplies for centerpieces, linen napkins, table cloths, glasses, silver ware and more.


Farmhouse Dry SinkTwo more free standing pieces hold additional dishes and serving pieces.

I have more dishes than I need and should really get rid of some of them.


Skinny Armoire used as Cloak CabinetFinally, this skinny armoire holds coats and shoes because like I said … we only have one closet in the house and it’s upstairs. The closet actually stretches from one bedroom to the next so it’s super long.

When you live in an old farmhouse, you really have to get creative with your storage ideas. I don’t ever feel like I don’t have enough storage, which is surprising when you think about our home’s limitations.

For more farmhouse style storage ideas, be sure to visit the other Farmhouse Friday ladies!

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Farmhouse Friday Storage Ideas

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  1. Great tips and ideas! I love your home…

  2. WHen I visit you my jaw drops! Oh, I love your farmhouse!!! And you know that your kitchen is my favorite! Great ideas for storage especially the craft cabinet. I have never seen that in your home before. Just gorgeous! LOVE our farmhouse gals!

  3. Lanita Anderson says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I love your Farmhouse Style….a beautiful home!

  4. What wonderful storage ideas. I love your craft cabinet. fondly ~lynne~

  5. It all looks lovely, but that built in beadboard cupboard is the best!

  6. It all looks fabulous, Jennifer! Love that first one the most, too! And what a great group of ladies!! I’ll have to make the rounds!!
    Have a lovely weekend, gal!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I’m ready to move in. =)


  8. I’d love to see another picture of your bathroom, namely that cabinet that you removed the doors. I have already taken down the closet doors in my bathroom and this looks like another idea I might could borrow! 🙂
    Your home is so beautiful.

  9. I ove seeing your house-gorgoues. I too live in a 100+ year old farmhouse/cottage and storage is a big problem. Part of the reason we are doing an addition/remodel is to add closets! The good thing about having little closet space is that you have to be choosy about what goes in your home and so less goes in ( at least in theory!-ha ha )

  10. You have come up with functional and beautiful storage solutions, Jennifer! I agree that you just have to be a little creative when you don’t have a lot of traditional closets.

  11. Love all your storage ideas, Jennifer, but that built in cupboard is amazing. Lucky girl!

    Have a nice weekend♥


  12. Love love your storage spaces. Thank you for inspiring me as always! Jo

  13. You really have so many great solutions for storage and everything is done so attractively and in keeping with the farmhouse style of your home. I love all of your pieces. Thank you for your ideas, Jen!

    Jane x

  14. It always amazes me how much you are able to do with your space and everything always looks so neat and tidy, Jennifer. So beautiful!

  15. I adore your beadboard cabinet! We had a very similar one in the house where I grew up and it brings back fun memories. You’ve got some great storage ideas!

  16. So pretty Jennifer! I know just how you feel, our farmhouse didn’t have one single closet until we added some, it really does force you to think outside of the box, which is what I live for! I agree with the other ladies, that beadboard cabinet is amazing. Thanks for all of the inspiration! ~Meg

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