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Beautiful Blue and White Kitchen

One of the reasons that I’m a huge fan of older homes is because they generally tend to have more architectural details than their newer counterparts. When planning a new-home build, it can get costly quite quickly when adding some of these architectural upgrades. But boy, they sure are pretty – like this beautiful blue and white kitchen by Crown Point Cabinetry!

Beautiful Blue and White Farmhouse KitchenPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

The coffered ceiling is stunning and really stands out with light blue paint on the ceiling and bright white on the trim. I wonder if hubby would create one of these in our dining room if I show him the instructions from This Old House?

Farmhouse Kitchen SinkPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

A big, beautiful blue range provides ample cook-top space and looks great, too. Most of us wouldn’t consider our range to be the focal point of our kitchen, but this one could certainly pass with those credentials. The tile work and plate rack create additional visual interest for the chef when preparing meals.

Blue Stove in Farmhouse Kitchen Photo by Crown Point Cabinetry

To the left of the blue range is the entrance to the dining room. Great use of space was made by adding a built-in China cabinet between the beautiful blue and white kitchen and the dining room.

Beautiful Blue and White KitchenPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

There’s a cabinet on either side of the entry to the dining room! What a clever idea.

Beautiful Blue and White KitchenPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

You’ll find custom cabinetry at every turn of this light-filled kitchen. Bulls-eye trim is added to windows and doorways, and toe-holds appear at the bottom of the cabinetry.

Beautiful Blue and White KitchenPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

The builder even managed to create a butler’s pantry in this small space. Now that’s what I call a genius use of real estate.

Kitchen with Wine BarPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

The gorgeous kitchen island adds work surface for baking and prepping meals, and provides a breakfast bar for a snack or casual meal.

Light Filled Farmhouse KitchenPhoto by Crown Point Cabinetry

You can see more of this beautiful blue and white kitchen by Crown Point Cabinetry over at Houzz.

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  1. Honestly this kitchen is so beautiful that there are not words! Oh, how about “thank you for sharing?”

    1. You’re welcome, Deb! 🙂 I love every square inch of this kitchen and figured everyone else would, too. I love all the details and the windows!

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen! I have a magazine that I have saved from 1980 with a magnificent blue kitchen. It will always be my favorite. This one is a definite second:) Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. A beautiful kitchen, but if the rest of the house is comparable, an awful lot to take care of. I guess if you can build a home of this quality and style, you can afford to have someone help keep it maintained. 🙂

  4. All i would need is a comfy chair by the window and i would just stay in the kitchen,, well at least until bed time. I am not sure i have seen a kitchen any more wonderful than this one. Thanks Jennifer.

  5. Beautiful, but I have a question…I am a clean freak… above the stove you have the vent and the plates above that…do they get the “residue” of cooking ??

    1. Hi Jessica!
      Unfortunately, this kitchen isn’t mine (I wish it was though!). I’m guessing those plates do get a residue of cooking on them. I have an open shelf above my stove and I have white ironstone bowls and pitchers on it. They do get a film of grease on them that I have to continually remove. I may put regular cabinets up in place of the open shelves. Open shelves are pretty, but they do require a little extra work. 🙂

  6. Wow ! What a beautiul kitchen. Everything about looks quality and I would love to have it !
    I have an open hearth style shelf above my stove and yes….you wash everything very oven…looks great but alot of work to keep up with it.

  7. Wow. The cabinetry in this kitchen and dining room is amazing. I like the coffered ceiling, but it certainly does lower the ceiling. That cute little butler’s pantry with the wine cooler is…well, cool. I could almost fit that in my coat closet.