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Pink Faux Flowers for My Farmhouse Dining Room

Do you ever just do anything on a whim? Sometimes you regret it, and sometimes you don’t. The other day I stopped in at Michael’s and the spring flowers really impressed me. They were so realistic looking – more so than ever before. I bought far more than I should (hey, at least they were on sale). On the way home I experienced buyer’s remorse because I really didn’t need so many flowers. But I had a moment of inspiration when I got home and added a touch of pink to my farmhouse dining room.

Spring Decorating in the Dining Room


I had an empty basket and my farmhouse table needed a centerpiece. Rather than create an arrangement in a vase, I decided to fill the basket with a messy display of flowers.

Farmhouse Dining Room with Touches of Pink


Seriously, this was the easiest centerpiece I’ve ever put together. You just start with a shallow basket and then place your stems every which way.

Centerpiece Basket for Flowers


Lay the flowers so that some of them drape over the edge of the basket.

Silk Pink Flowers in Farmhouse Dining Room


You can get the same effect with a shallow bowl.

Silk Pink Flowers in Farmhouse Dining Room


I used an assortment of roses, tulips, peonies, ranunculus, orchids and greenery. If you like centerpieces with a low profile, a shallow basket of flowers is a good option. Your guests can see each other across the table.

Farmhouse Dining Room with Basket of Flowers


On Saturday I shared my new Easter egg wreath and a few spring vignettes.

Spring Decorating in Farmhouse Dining Room


On the console is a trio of white bunnies holding speckled eggs that you can make. I found these little guys at Cocoon – my favorite store.

Trio of Bunnies for Spring Decorating


Farmhouse crocks are filled with pink and white carnations in the background.

Trio of Bunnies for Spring Decorating


So guess what’s going on in my farmhouse dining room besides touches of pink? Hubby is installing board and batten to the walls and he’s almost done! So the next time I share this room it’s going to look a little different.

Spring Decorating in Farmhouse Dining Room

This isn’t even all the flowers I dragged home from Michael’s with me, but I’m not feeling so guilty any more now that they’re on display.


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  1. Just beautiful! And I really appreciate the few moments of experiencing Spring! I’m looking out my window at Nor’easter number three, here in New Hampshire! Spring is going to feel extra good this year!

  2. Beautiful Jennifer and can’t wait to see the board and batten. We had another Nor’easter today but luckily for us this time not much snow.


  3. Michael’s has such a big assortment of faux flowers. I love their selection. And the quality has only improved over the years. I have cats, who eat any real flowers for foliage. And what they don’t eat, they chew and drag around the house. So for decades, I have used faux flowers in my house, changing them out for each of the four seasons, and have seen the improvements they have gone through. I really like the shallow basket idea. I’m going to have to try than one out.

    1. Funny story about your cats, Tamara! I have cats too and after getting the dining table arrangement done, one of the cats proceeded to lay down right in the middle of the flowers. As though I had made a bed just for him! I’ve gotten flowers at Michael’s before, but the flowers this spring are truly impressive!

  4. Just beautiful, Jennifer, and they really do look so real. Can’t wait to see the board & batten. I’m sure it will add yet another dimension to the room. The pink is such a welcome color right now – I think because we all are so tired of the harshness of winter and this color is so soft and kind to the senses.

  5. No need for buyer’s remorse. It looks as though they were freshly picked from your garden. Do not be concerned about it being low. The table arrangement should never be so tall that guest can not easily converse across the table. I think the vivid colors bring out the colors of the wreath. I also am waiting for the board & batten.

  6. lovely … YOU always do such beautiful arrangements … don’t you just love fresh colors from the garden. Great job …brought a smile to my face, thank you !!

  7. Oh how exciting, i know you will love it. Those flowers are gorgeous, what a beautiful display.