Historic Home Staircase: Only in My Dreams

I’ve slowly come to realize that I will probably never have the historic home staircase that I’ve always dreamed of. I yearn for a graceful stairway that draws the eye and captures the heart. You know – the type of staircase that’s perfect for hanging garland at Christmastime.

Grand Historic Home Staircase Painted BlackPhoto by Urban Pioneering Architecture


I’m not exactly sure when my passion for stairs began. Perhaps it started when I watched Scarlet O’Hara glide down that grand staircase in “Gone with the Wind.” Or maybe it’s from all the beautiful historic home staircases I saw when working at my dad’s decorating business.

Two-Tone Farmhouse StaircasePhoto by Birdseye Building


Sanding, staining, or painting the handrail and newel posts was always given to me to do. No one else liked the detail work, but I loved it. Trim work was my specialty. Curving banisters are a favorite of mine to this day.

Curving Banister Staircase in an Historic HomePhoto by Rory Robertson


Even a simple staircase tugs at my heart strings. 

Scandinavian Style StaircasePhoto by Boråstapeter


I like the tread treatment on this set of painted stairs with its dark gray wainscoting.

Historic Home Staircase with Braided Rug TreadsPhoto by Field Day Studio


This historic home staircase isn’t ridiculously grand, but it has a nicely curved handrail at the bottom along with a pretty stained glass window. Did you notice the books between the balusters? 

Curving Banister on Historic StaircasePhoto by Debra Herdman Design


And this historic home staircase is a bit grander with its curving steps and banister.

Curving staircase in historic home


How about this charmer? Don’t you want to open the doors underneath the stairway to see what’s in there?  It’s like what you’d see in the home of the three bears. A door for papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear!

Unique Farmhouse Stairway with Doors UnderneathPhoto by Silver Maple Construction LLC


So the reason that I think I will never have a gorgeous staircase like these is because my next home is likely to be a one-story house. I’ve never enjoyed lugging a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs! Maybe I should get a second vacuum – one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Wood and White StairwayPhoto by Barenz Builders


When a home has an impressive stairway – it immediately becomes the focal point of the house. Whether it’s painted or stained wood, you can’t deny its architectural beauty.

Entryway Staircase of Honey Stained WoodPhoto by DeGraw & DeHaan Architects


Here’s what my staircase looks like today. I suppose it’s charming enough, but I wish it were a little bigger and had a graceful banister. Really though, I can’t complain. At least I have a roof over my head and a few kitties to love!

Country Style Console Table and Staircase in Historic Home


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  1. I’m more of a single story home fan, but I can appreciate beautiful staircases. I was especially taken with the books in between the balusters in the one photo. I’ve never seen that done and I love it.
    Your staircase is lovely and suits the architecture of your home perfectly, but for myself, at 77, and my balance not being what it once was, I would require much more assistance in the form of railings to get up and down your staircase safely.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Susan!!! A cute section of short newels would be darling AND give you a place for your Christmas garland 🙂 Go for it!!!
    PS: Buy that second vacuum while you’re at it. You deserve it 🙂

  3. I love staircases too and the curvier the better. Those ones are so grand. I remember when I was growing up we lived in a townhome with 3 floors and the stairs were with shag carpet ( remember the 70’s ) my goodness they were a pain to vacuum every week I shudder to think doing that now as I’m older, no wonder my Mom had that as one of my chores lol.

    Yes I would do something like what Susan has suggested to give it more interest. Or even 1 -2 trailing plants on the stairs themselves. For sure invest in a second vacuum it wont regret it.

  4. I love your stairway and that window , i have a plain old one story house. I grew up in houses with stairways and always wanted one.