9 Vintage Bathroom Ideas to Soak In and Enjoy

I’m well aware that modern bathrooms with all the conveniences are trending these days. But there’s something so endearing about a vintage bathroom that creates a comforting vibe not found in updated bathrooms. Check out these examples and see if you agree.

Traditional Vintage Bathroom with Claw Foot TubPhoto by Historical Concepts


Vintage is used to describe anything that’s at least 20 years old, although some people say 50 years or older is more accurate. A bathroom designed in 2000 doesn’t feel very vintage to me, so I fall into the latter camp. 

Eclectic Bathroom with Geometric Tile Floor and Claw Foot TubPhoto by Alexandra Crafton


I like to see a little pattern in a bathroom, like the flooring shown in both the above and below photos.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Brown and White Patterned Floor and Beamed CeilingPhoto by Run for the Hills


Pattern can easily be added with wallpaper, too – like the foxglove print below. This vintage bathroom enjoys a small fireplace and wood floor. A screen outside the window provides privacy but still allows light to stream in.

Foxglove Wallpaper in Vintage Bathroom with FireplacePhoto by Run for the Hills


If you’re the lucky owner of a vintage bathroom with elements like a claw foot tub, consider adding a modern vibe with a boldly painted ceiling or window trim.

Vintage Bathroom with Bold PaintPhoto by The Little Greene Paint Company


Another way to add a bit of modern appeal to an older bath is with fixtures like an unexpected sink choice. 

Beach style Vintage Powder Room in Light GrayPhoto by Unique Homestays


Subway tile and penny tile, both popular in the 1920s, make an appearance in this light and airy bathroom. I’d like to use penny tile in my downstairs bathroom. My floor is in dire need of replacing!

Subway Tile and Penny Tile in 1920s BathroomPhoto by Jordana Nicholson


A vintage bath can be elegant, too. Lots of wood work details and elegant finishes make this bathroom a true respite from the world.

Traditional and Elegant Bathroom with Claw Foot TubPhoto by Keeley Green Interior Design


And finally, another appearance of subway tile – this time in green – with a checkerboard floor. Such a unique space in a Victorian style home!

Victorian Style Bathroom with Green Subway Tile and Checkerboard FloorPhoto by


Okay – so I’m sneaking a tenth one into the mix because I came across this gorgeous metal tub!

vintage bathroom with metal tub


So which do you prefer? Are you a modern bathroom person, or do you enjoy the charm of a vintage bathroom?


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  1. My husband and I are planning to remodel our 1933 bathroom. Sadly it’s been stripped of its vintage details so we’ll be adding those back into the bathroom. In everything we do we try to restore our house to what it should be. Nothing I hate more than walking into an old house only to find that someone thought updating it meant compromising its character.

  2. Our 1915 Craftsman was stripped of most of its original bathroom fixtures-we sought vintage toilets, sink ,tile etc until we recreated what was originally there. This was cheaper, better quality, better function, and fit the 1915 era. And every find told a story of our search-old houses-always an adventure!

  3. I love that one with the basket of all the TP, especially now with this fear-contagen and stores are running out of it. Love your blog. Trying to get my own up and running with Our Tranquil Moments. I’m such a luddite.

  4. I love the look of vintage bathrooms and claw tubs are my favorite. But for me it would not suit for my disabilities, much too hard to get in and out of. I do agree with ladies if you own a vintage home you should stay true to that era.

  5. I love the old bathtubs and vintage is my favorite. I would love to have one of those old hip tubs, i think that what their called. They have a real high back.

  6. I too can’t wait to have either penny tile or black and white basket weave tile installed in my bathroom. I am trying my hardest to recreate the vintage vibe in my home and it’s getting there.

  7. Vintage all the way!
    Except for a whirlpool tub. We’re planning to install one of those.

    New Hampshire

  8. I do love a vintage bathroom, mainly because so many of them are larger than those in contractor-type 90s and 2000s homes. However, I have to comment on the last photo – love the green glass tile, but the tile with the floor with the rug hurts my eyes. Not relaxing to me for sure. Keep these room tours coming. There is always something for everyone.

  9. Oh my goodness! I love a vintage bathroom. Absolutely gorgeous. The copper bathtub is my all time favorite. I would love to share this on my newsletter this week. Hugs and blessings to you.